‘Blue Bloods’: Will Estes Says He Learned This Skill from the Show

Will Estes is best known for playing Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods. Here’s the skill he says he learned from being on the show.   

Will Estes said seasoned actors like Tom Selleck make him a better actor

Tom Selleck and Will Estes |  Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage
Tom Selleck and Will Estes | Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

In an interview for E! News, Estes discussed what it’s like to play Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods. He said he often gets compliments on his acting, especially when he does scenes with Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck. “People always tell me that I’m great in the scenes with Tom [Selleck]. As an actor, you know that great actors make you better,” Estes told E! News.

How Will Estes trains for Blue Bloods

In an interview with Men’s Journal, Estes said he prepares for his Blue Bloods role both mentally and physically. His primary way to prepare is to stay active. He also practices on a shooting range and does his own stunts:

For me as an actor, what helps me are the finer points, the small nuances and the things that give insight into the mentality and the emotional content of the work, of the job, of being a police officer.

I try to train based on the role. I played a marine once so all I did was running, pushups and boxing. I did anything that was combat-oriented. I would go shoot and box and just sort of get into the whole mindset. In general, I just like to run around and stay active. I did a little gymnastics when I was a kid so I’ll run around and find a bar and try to do as many pull-ups as I can do. In terms of nutrition, I just try to eat clean.

What Will Estes learned from his role on Blue Bloods

Will Estes in a scene from 'Blue Bloods.' |  Jojo Whilden/CBS via Getty Images
Will Estes in a scene from ‘Blue Bloods.’ | Jojo Whilden/CBS via Getty Images

Estes said he learned a lot about human behavior and how to communicate in a way that facilitates interacting with people while also staying in control of a situation. The actor told Men’s Journal he believes the communication skills acquired while doing police work change the way you approach people:

You have to deal with people in a way that no one else does. I mean, you learn to come in and control an isolated situation with other human beings for your safety and for their safety. You learn to deal with people and the roughest elements of society in a way that nobody else really does. That’s why I think when you look at somebody who’s a cop or military personnel not in uniform, you can just feel it. You don’t know what it is, but you can tell that they’re a cop or military person, and I think it’s because the job changes you.

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