Bob and Gene Bond in a New Episode of ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Bob’s Burgers recently returned for its 10th season. In the newest episode of Bob’s Burgers, “Boys Just Wanna Have Fungus,” the family is split up into two different story lines. Bob and Gene trek into the wilderness searching for an expensive mushroom. Linda, Tina, and Louise stay behind to watch the restaurant with Teddy. Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Bob's Burgers new episode
‘Bob’s Burgers’ | FOX via Getty Images

Gene and Bob bond in the episode of ‘Bob’s Burgers’

The members of the Belcher family all love each other equally, but some of the family members get along better than others. Linda and Gene are more similar than Linda and Louise. In earlier seasons, most of Bob’s story lines centered around Tina and Louise while Linda interacted more with Gene.

The recent seasons of Bob’s Burgers have changed that. There have been several episodes showing Linda and Louise developing a stronger bond and Gene and Bob spending more time together. As the oldest child, Tina’s story lines show her interacting with all of the family members pretty equally.

“Boys Just Wanna Have Fungus” focuses on Gene and Bob’s relationship. After a mushroom at a local food market is too expensive, Bob decides to go look for it in the wilderness himself. Gene tags along, and what follows is pure father-son bonding.

Tina gets a new pair of glasses

While Linda, Tina, and Louise stay at the restaurant with Teddy, a new pair of glasses arrives for Tina. Because the new glasses are such an improvement, Tina feels taken aback at how clearly she can see. After pointing out all the spots Louise missed while mopping, Louise realizes she can use this to her advantage.

She convinces Tina that only Tina can see well enough to do the cleaning. Tina obliges and cleans the entire restaurant. Louise then takes it a step further and convinces Tina that she has supervision because of the glasses.

At first Tina enjoys her newfound power, but she then becomes overwhelmed. Louise keeps up the act that Tina can see better than the average. However, Linda reveals to Tina that the glasses did not make her have supervision.

Bob and Gene face stiff competition for mushrooms in the new episode of ‘Bob’s Burgers’

The main plot focuses on Bob and Gene looking for a rare expensive mushroom in the wilderness. As they walk through the forest, Bob and Gene have an easygoing and funny rapport. Gene smuggled cheese and crackers in his socks, and the two discuss how likely they would survive an apocalypse.

When they come across a fallen tree, Bob attempts to climb over it and Gene crawls under it. Gene becomes so comfortable he is tempted to fall asleep, but Bob is too tired from his climb to stop him. Two hikers looking for mushrooms sent Bob and Gene down the wrong path to steer them away from the Wooly Neptune mushrooms. Unsurprisingly, Bob and Gene get lost and end up finding the mushrooms anyway.

The two are discovered by three other hikers looking for the mushrooms. Bob and Gene manage to escape with the basket, but Bob drops his car keys. In exchange for the car keys, Bob is forced to hand over the mushrooms. In a scuffle, the basket is run over by a car.

On their way back to the restaurant, Gene reveals he stuck a few Wooly Neptunes in his socks with his cheese and crackers. Bob is impressed with his son’s intuition, and decides Gene would last at least three days in the apocalypse. The rare use of a Bob and Gene story line ends up resulting in a rare win for the Belcher family.