Boban Marjanovic Might Go Back to Hollywood When He Retires

There’s nobody in NBA history quite like Dallas Mavericks big man Boban Marjanovic. In a league dominated by gigantic men, no one adopts the brand of giant quite like Marjanovic does.

His Game of Thrones looks combined with his heart of gold made him a fan favorite in NBA circles, but with a slew of movie roles under his belt, could his star soon be on the rise elsewhere? 

Boban Marjanovic warming up before a Mavericks game
Boban Marjanovic warming up before a game | Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Boban Marjanovic story 

Marjanovic was born and raised in Serbia. His gigantic size from an early age made him an ideal candidate for basketball, and in 2006 he started his professional career overseas.

For nearly a decade, Marjanovic played around Europe and garnered enough attention to get him on the NBA’s radar. In 2015, he signed a deal with the San Antonio Spurs, and after spending time between their NBA team and the G-League, he started getting noticed.

Marjanovic looks like someone from another world. His large hands and fun-loving personality got him noticed more than his basketball did, but he still managed to make it onto the court for significant minutes. After a year with the Spurs and their affiliate in Austin, he moved on to Detroit, where he spent nearly three years with the Pistons. 

Around this time, Marjanovic developed a friendship with Tobias Harris. The two formed a bond, and Bobi and Tobi were born. Their relationship eventually lasted through three separate teams, as the pair were involved in trades to both the Los Angeles Clippers and the Philadelphia 76ers. Marjanovic never became an All-Star, but he provided size and skills off the bench to make him a valuable commodity. 

In the suspended 2019-20 season, Marjanovic detached himself from Harris and signed with the Dallas Mavericks, where he is one of the team’s backup centers and is playing some of the best basketball of his career. However, while all of this is going on, Marjanovic kicked off a second career in entertainment. 

Boban Marjanovic goes to Hollywood

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Perhaps spurred on by his brief tenure in Los Angeles, Marjanovic began to look elsewhere for work when he wasn’t on the basketball court, according to Vulture.

He became a fan-favorite to NBA fans thanks to the way he embraces his image as a gentle giant, and Hollywood began to take notice. Marjanovic wasn’t looking to headline major movies like Shaquille O’Neal or Michael Jordan, but play bit roles that take advantage of his size. 

Marjanovic has, thus far, taken roles in We Will Be the World Champions, a Serbian movie about the country’s basketball tradition. This role came right before Marjanovic’s journey overseas to the NBA. Recently, however, Marjanovic got onto the big screen as a cast member in one of the biggest action movie franchises, John Wick. 

Marjanovic’s role was brief. He plays a librarian who fights Reeves’ Wick character in a library. The scene was one of the movie’s tent poles, however, and Marjanovic perfectly encapsulated the type of villain that has graced screens since early James Bond movies. Marjanovic has not taken any roles since then, but when he retires, he wants to rebrand as an actor. 

Life after basketball?

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Marjanovic’s love for show business appears to be on hold while he focuses on basketball, but don’t be surprised if it stretches beyond a one-off appearance in John Wick.

The big man has spoken about his desire to pivot to acting once he hangs up his sneakers, and his name has already been rumored for other big projects. While there were rumors that he was going to appear in Bad Boys for Life, that was just a set visit. 

NBA players and action heroes have a bizarre marriage. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar fought Bruce Lee in the ’70s, and both Shaquille O’Neal and Dennis Rodman had brief careers in the genre. Marjanovic already has a significant role behind him and offers a specific combination of height and charm that could make him a commodity for years.