Bobby Flay’s Best Burger: This is How the Food Network Star Cooks the Perfect Hamburger

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is best known for winning the burger-making game — every single time. His restaurant chain, Bobby’s Burger Palace, takes care to prepare and serve burgers not quite like anyone else’s.

Flay knows burgers better than anyone. So if you’ve yet to master your own burger, the best person to consult is the one who makes a living making them.

Here are the recommendations Flay gives for making the best burger — and the mistakes you’ve been making all along that you’ll hopefully never make again.

How to cook the perfect burger

According to Flay, a great burger can be cooked indoors on a stovetop; your grill (or lack thereof) is not a barrier.

And if you’re wondering what kind of meat you should shop for, Flay says all that really matters is the fat content. Always make sure to get a cut with 20 percent fat, since anything less than that is likely to cause the meat to dry out while cooking.

You should always make a small well (dent) in the middle of each burger patty with your thumb. This makes sure your meat stays relatively flat by the time it’s done cooking.

When you’re ready to cook your meat, add a small amount of oil to a skillet and don’t press down on the meat with a spatula once it’s cooking. Wait until the meat forms a crust before flipping it over and repeating the process on the other side.

To make sure the sides of your burger are cooked to perfection — and the cheese is melted to whatever’s more perfect than perfection — add a little water and let it simmer for about 15 seconds. Always melt the cheese. Always.

Should you season your beef? Bobby Flay’s best burger tips

Flavor matters. You don’t just want a juicy burger; you want one that tastes amazing. But you might not have to add as much “spice” to your meat as you’ve previously been told.

Some chefs and home cooks swear by the special ingredients they add to their beef patties to make them unique. Flay doesn’t think your meat needs too much extra flavor — at least not before you’ve cooked it all the way through.

Season your meat with salt and pepper — that’s it! You can leave the rest of the flavor up to your choices of cheese and toppings.

Bobby Flay says your burgers need an unexpected ingredient


Burger | Dizelen/iStock/Getty Images

No, not a “secret” ingredient — though you might not think to add it yourself.

Most people just add condiments like mustard or extras such as pickles or onions. Flay says he likes his burgers extra crunchy, and adds chips to the top to achieve the desired effect — potato chips to be exact. He recommends a thinner variety, such as Lay’s.

Don’t like any crunch in your burger? Don’t add the potato chips; it’s up to you. The best thing about cooking a Bobby Flay-style burger in your own home is that you’re not Bobby Flay. You can technically do it however you want. Leave the chips on the side. Make them fries. Put fries on the burger. Do it!