‘Bob’s Burgers’: Bob Desperately Tries to Cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a monumental holiday in Bob’s Burgers. Every year since the third season, the show goes all out in trying to make the holiday as hectic and funny as possible for the Belcher family. In “Now We’re Not Cooking With Gas,” season 10’s Thanksgiving episode does not disappoint. Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Bob's Burgers
‘Bob’s Burgers’ | FOX via Getty Images

Bob wants to cook a rare turkey for Thanksgiving in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Thanksgiving is Bob’s favorite holiday in Bob’s Burgers. While the restaurant owner typically boasts his burger-making skills, Thanksgiving is when he goes into chef mode. Unfortunately for Bob, something gets in the way every year that prevents him from having the relaxing day in the kitchen that he desperately wants.

The episode opens with Bob slowly driving the family back to the restaurant from the grocery store. On her lap, Linda holds a heritage turkey from Riverbrook Lake Farms. Bob finally received one after being on the waiting list for five years.

On Thanksgiving, the kids sit around the table as Tina makes a thankful tree for the Thundergirls. Bob starts the oven, only to find out it’s not working. He runs downstairs to the restaurant and discovers that oven does not work either. It turns out the gas is shut down on the entire block for repairs.

Bob becomes desperate trying to cook the turkey

Thanksgiving is the one time a year when Bob becomes completely selfish. While he is normally the family member unwillingly dragged into the family’s antics, Thanksgiving is when Bob goes fully chaotic. In season 10 of Bob’s Burgers, Bob goes to great lengths to cook the rare Thanksgiving turkey.

The Belchers consider using Aunt Gayle or Teddy’s oven, but those options are quickly ruled out. Bob then researches online and makes a fire pit in the alley outside of their apartment. To Louise’s delight, he instructs everyone to find things to put in the fire to keep it burning.

A firefighter comes by and instructs Bob to put out the fire or else the fire department will give the Belchers a fine. Bob does not listen and instead tells the kids to go to the park to get more wood.

The importance of family snaps Bob out of his Thanksgiving craze in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Tina, Gene, and Louise bring back an entire log, which Bob laments he cannot cut up to put in the fire. After snapping at the kids and Linda, it begins to rain. The rest of the family goes upstairs to eat sandwiches and green beans while Bob stays outside and continues to try and cook the turkey.

Tina watches Bob from the window and goes back outside. She offers her dad her thankful tree to burn. When Bob almost agrees to put it in the fire, he snaps out of his Thanksgiving craze. He apologizes to his family just as the fire department arrives.

As Bob tries to convince the firefighters not to hose down the fire, he knocks the turkey into the fire. The scene cuts to the Belcher family around the Thanksgiving table reading leaves off of Tina’s thankful tree. Bob tells his family he is the most thankful for them.

He then stands up to throw the burned heritage turkey in the trash. Bob peels back the burned skin and realizes the turkey is cooked perfectly on the inside. In a rare win for Bob, it’s the most delicious food he’s ever cooked. The rest of his family quickly crowds around him and eat the turkey out of the sink.