‘Bob’s Burgers’: Linda Tries to Save Christmas

If Bob is the best at cooking burgers, then Bob’s Burgers is the best at holiday episodes. While Bob loves Thanksgiving, every year Linda embraces the Christmas spirit. In “Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas,” Linda tries her best to save Christmas. Warning, this article contains spoilers for season 10’s Christmas episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Bob's Burgers Christmas
‘Bob’s Burgers’ | FOX via Getty Images

Linda gets a part-time job at the post office

The episode opens on Christmas Eve, with Linda getting ready for her part-time job at the post office. At the job, Linda helps sort through the mail and annoys the other employees with her constant singing and narration.

Five minutes after the post office closes, a man stops by, desperate to deliver a Christmas present to his nephew. One of the employees agrees to take the package, and Linda is happy when she feels she has witnessed a Christmas miracle. Unfortunately, the package is still left behind.

Linda decides to take it upon herself to deliver the package, which leads to her breaking several laws set by the United States Postal Service. Because Linda makes this her quest for the evening, Bob is left at home with Tina, Linda’s parents, and Gayle.

Bob and Tina are left alone with Linda’s family on Christmas in the ‘Bob’s Burgers’ episode

Gene and Louise use Linda’s adventure as a way to avoid a gift exchange between the children. Tina came up with the idea, but Louise and Gene don’t have enough money to actually give each other worthy gifts. With Linda, Gene, and Louise out of the house, Tina and Bob are left alone with Linda’s family.

All episode, Linda warned Bob to not let her family bring up an incident regarding an ottoman. Of course, that’s the first the her family brings up. Bob and Tina try to distract them by singing Christmas songs. When that does not work, Bob hides in the bathroom.

Tina and Bob eventually decide to mediate the conflict. It turns out Gayle hid in an ottoman to surprise her cousin Donny. Except she fell asleep, and then Donny placed heavy gifts on the ottoman and Gayle was unable to get out.

When Gayle tells her parents she yelled for them to help her, they replied they are hard of hearing. Bob and Tina are unable to solve the feud, so instead Bob pretends to be the bank and makes it seem like Gayle is wealthy. This changes the subject and gets the disagreement to at least temporarily stop.

Linda tries to deliver the package before Christmas

With Gene and Louise in tow, Linda makes it her Christmas duty to deliver the Christmas present to the man’s nephew. When the last delivery truck leaves from the plant, Linda then decides to hand deliver the present.

Mike, the Belcher’s mail man, calls Linda and tells her to bring the package back to the plant because it’s the law. Linda accuses him of having no Christmas spirit, and Mike says that after so many years on the job one individual present does not feel as special anymore.

Linda drives to the nephew’s house and discovers that Mike drove there too. The little boy who is the recipient of the package comes outside. At first, Mike tries to take the package back to the post office, but he has a change of heart. He hands the package to the boy and asks for a signature. Thanks to Linda and her refusal to give up on Christmas, one person received a gift from their well-meaning uncle on time.