‘Bob’s Burgers’ Returns for Season 10 With a Hilarious Premiere

Bob’s Burgers returned for season 10 on Sept. 29. In the season premiere of Bob’s Burgers, the Belcher family and several popular supporting characters returned for the show’s trademark comedy. So what happened in the hilarious season premiere? Warning, this article contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Bob's Burgers premiere
‘Bob’s Burgers’ | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Bob buys an engagement ring for Linda

Any regular viewer of Bob’s Burgers knows the Belcher family struggles with money. The Belcher’s burger restaurant is not super successful, and the family often scrapes by to make ends meet. Because of this, Bob never bought an engagement ring for Linda when he proposed to her. Instead, he gave her a high five.

In “The Ring (But Not Scary),” Bob buys an engagement ring to give to Linda for their wedding anniversary. The diamond is small, but Bob spent over $300 on it. He plans to pay off the ring in $15 increments over the course of two years.

The Belcher kids lose the engagement ring

The plot of the Bob’s Burgers premiere gets going when Tina, Gene, and Louise lose the engagement ring. The kids first find the ring while they search in their parents’ room for swimming goggles. They realize Bob plans to propose, but they don’t know he plans to propose the next day.

“Hold on,” Tina says. “Aren’t they already married?”

“I think so,” Gene says. “Wait, no, they’re brother and sister?”

The kids take turns trying on the ring. When it’s time to leave for the water park the ring gets stuck on Gene’s finger, so he wears the ring. The only problem? It slips off while they are there and he doesn’t realize until they are in the car on the way back home.

‘Bob’s Burgers’ fans will recognize who Louise calls for help

Jillian Bell returned to voice Nat in “The Ring (But Not Scary).” Louise took a liking to Nat when she helped Tina recover from her heartbreak over Jimmy Jr. While at the water park, the kids run into Nat. Because Nat has connections to everyone, Louise calls her when they realize the ring is lost.

Unfortunately for Tina, Gene, and Louise, Bob also realizes the ring is missing. He grounds them permanently and accompanies them to the water park with Nat to search for the ring. With the help of Nat and her friends, Bob and the kids search through the water park after hours.

Bob never finds the ring

While Bob and the kids search for the ring, Linda spends the night attempting to put eye drops in her sister Gayle’s eyes. Gayle has pink eye and cannot put the eye drops in herself. Voiced by Megan Mullally, Gayle always provides endless humor every episode she appears.

Unfortunately, Bob never finds the ring. At the end of the day though, it doesn’t matter. Linda shows up to the water park with Gayle after reading Tina’s detailed diary. She tells Bob she doesn’t need a ring and reassures him that she loves him.

‘Bob’s Burgers’ is about love

While Bob’s Burgers is a comedy, at its core the show is about familial love. The Belcher family genuinely enjoys spending time with each other. Bob and Linda’s marriage is happy, and the Belcher children are legitimately friends.

This love is perhaps best displayed halfway through the episode. Tina feels nervous about losing the ring and Louise invents the story that Tina needs help having diarrhea. Louise and Gene take Tina to the bathroom for an official sibling meeting to plan how to get the ring back. Bob and Linda never doubt that Gene and Louise are helping Tina, and the parents both encourage Tina without making her feel embarrassed, unaware it’s all a ruse.