Body Language Says Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Are More Serious Than People Think

The dating life of the Jenner kids hasn’t been scrutinized quite as much as their stepsisters, the Kardashians. While we all designate Kylie Jenner as an official Kardashian, she’s really separated herself from the family pack. After all, we just learned Kylie became the youngest billionaire in the world, making any relationship she has likely suspect of someone linking up just for her riches.

It’s still possible to have real love in a billionaire pair as we’ve seen with the Gateses, plus the Zuckerbergs. What about Kylie’s relationship with Travis Scott, though?

Reading body language almost always never lies, yet what does it say about Jenner and Scott after a new notorious cheating accusation?

How long have Kylie and Travis been dating?

We all know Travis Scott has nurtured his own career in the music industry and has made good money doing so. Linking up with Kylie Jenner clearly had nothing to do with being a leach toward gaining access to her mass fortune.

The two met at Coachella only two years ago with both being instantly smitten. Since then, the media has followed them around, including covering the birth of their child, Stormi. Rumors have floated around about Scott not being the father, despite paternity tests proving otherwise.

As much as we think Jenner and Scott have been on an even keel, rumors keep popping up about them finally getting married. Other recent news insinuates Scott also cheated on her. Regardless, other media outlets show their relationship is far from dying.

What happened to the Super Bowl marriage proposal?

Remember the news during this last Super Bowl about Scott supposedly wanting to propose to Kylie at the game? Millions saw Scott perform with Maroon 5 while CBS subsequently bleeped some of the former’s lyrics.

Even though he said he needed to man up and propose to Kylie in some creative way, apparently the Super Bowl wasn’t it.

Why he didn’t is still a mystery. While it may seem like Scott is being a bit evasive, can body language truly give us a picture of reality? Some recent images of the two together show this isn’t just a casual affair or one filled with recent acrimony.

Is their love and affection an act or the real deal?

Since much of the Kardashian universe is used to a reality show circus atmosphere, some might automatically throw some skeptical shade at all the shots of Kylie and Travis being affectionate toward one another.

However, a body language expert (Jane Greer) recently analyzed many of their pics together for Women’s Health. In the piece, Greer notes Jenner and Scott aren’t afraid to post all their romantic pics on their Instagram accounts. At the same time, it seems too much of a coincidence the poses they choose are set up just for show.

Some proof comes in occasional photos of them not always looking in sync. Mostly, though, it shows a very rare relationship of a true love connection, including Scott always allowing Kylie to lead the way at public events.

What’s possibly keeping them from marrying?

If body language tells the truth that they’re truly in love, then why aren’t they getting married as soon as possible? Could Kylie becoming a billionaire feel intimidating, or is Scott just afraid of commitment?

After an accusation of cheating with Jordyn Woods broke, Scott vehemently denied he cheated on his girlfriend. It seems incomprehensible he would when he and Kylie seem so simpatico in front of a camera lens. Still, marriage seems further away since they reportedly fought over supposed evidence he did cheat, possibly with Woods.

While some might accuse this situation of being a setup for further publicity, it’s really just real-life caught on camera with a family who always has cameras aimed their way. Should there be any concerns by Scott about wanting to marry Kylie, it’s them being in the spotlight every minute without letup.