‘Botched’: Dr. Paul Nassif Says He Got a Facelift to Fix This One Problem

Dr. Paul Nassif isn’t a stranger to the operating room. He is seen in one on his show, Botched helping those who got bad plastic surgery.

He has also been a patient multiple times. It turns out he got a facelift and kept it secret. Find out his reason for getting it and more about the surgeries he went through in the past.

Dr. Paul Nassif got rhinoplasty before

Paul Nassif attends Build Series to discuss 'Botched' at Build Studio
Paul Nassif attends Build Series to discuss ‘Botched’ at Build Studio | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

The plastic surgeon has been open about the fact that he has gotten surgeries before. One of which was for his nose.

“I’ve had numerous things done especially reconstructive to my nose,” the Botched star told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Dr. Dubrow, for example, did a couple hernia repairs on the show for me.” He then went on to say “Do I regret anything? No, I don’t.”

There is another thing that he does to maintain his looks. He isn’t afraid to show it on Instagram either.

He gives himself Botox

You can find videos of Dr. Nassif giving himself Botox on Instagram. He calls it “Selfie Botox.”

“I’ve been doing Selfie Botox for probably three years,” he said. He went on to talk about how people who aren’t medical professionals shouldn’t be doing Selfie Botox.

“Remember I’m a facial plastic surgeon,” he said “any good specific type of doctor knows about the anatomy and the amount and there’s still even a risk when you do that. So the answer is 100 million percent no. It could actually be fatal and you can have severe complications.”

He got a facelift because of excess skin

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The surgeon revealed to Page Six that he went under the knife for a facelift in 2018. He said this happened after he lost weight.

“The excess skin, especially in my neck, was driving me crazy,” said Dr. Nassif. He made it clear that the surgery wasn’t about aging or that he was walking down the aisle to marry Brittany Pattakos.

“It’s something that I personally wanted to do for myself,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if I am married to someone 105 or Brittany, I would have done it.”

He also talked about getting the facelift on Botched. He reminded Dr. Dubrow about the time he grabbed his excess skin around his neck and called him a “flying squirrel.” Dr. Nassif then showed him pictures from after his facelift.

The two previously talked about his weight loss with E! News. “I look good. I lost a lot of weight,” said Dr. Nassif.

“I will give him this, he has lost a lot of weight,” said Dr. Dubrow. “He actually looks good. But the bad news is, why do you generally lose weight? To be more attractive to the gender you’re interested in attracting. He now has a new significant relationship. So boyfriend body, here it comes!”

It sounds like Dr. Nassif is happy with his decision to take care of the extra skin. Botched fans will have to keep watching in case the surgeons reveal any other procedures they’ve had.