‘Botched’ Season 6 Promo Imagines the Doctors Getting Scary Makeovers

Botched is going to return for another season. We will be getting another celebrity and more patients coming to Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow for help with their surgery.

There is a new Botched promo that was released and both of the surgeons have a new look that is pretty scary. Find out what happens and more about the new season.

Dr. Terry Dubrow said he regretted getting Botox

Dr. Terry Dubrow (L) and Dr. Paul Nassif visit Build Studio to discuss their television show 'Botched'
Dr. Terry Dubrow (L) and Dr. Paul Nassif visit Build Studio to discuss their television show ‘Botched’ Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Every episode shows patients going to the doctors in hopes to get their bad procedures fixed. However, the doctors themselves have been open about regretting with messing with their looks.

“There are a bunch of articles that just came out that said I had all these plastic surgery operations and that I’ve been botched, and what happened was I thought they were kind of hilarious and accurate to be honest with you,” Dr. Dubrow told Showbiz Cheat Sheet

He added, “I just had a bunch of Botox and fillers put in my face and like three days before going on a book tour with my wife, The Dubrow Diet.”

Dr. Nassif doesn’t regret anything he’s done. He is also open about the fact that he got surgery in the past. “I’ve had numerous things done especially reconstructive to my nose,” he said.

A promo previously was released teasing new patients

Season 6 will be full of new medical cases. A promo was previously dropped showing some of the patients.

There is a montage shown of what’s to come this season. One of the clips shows a woman with very large breasts. Dr. Dubrow is heard saying, “You can see two implants” and later “I’ve never seen that before.”

It looks like there will be a surprise during one of the operations. Dr. Nassif is working on someone when he tells everyone to wait. “Wait, stop! Do you see this?” the surgeon asks everyone. The group then say, “Ohhh sh*t!”

There are even more cases. One woman looks like her tongue is split in two. A celebrity is also coming to the office this season.

According to E! News, Tiffany “New York” Pollard will appear because she’s experiencing symptoms of Breast Implant Illness (BII) after her augmentation.

The new season promo shows both doctors botched

A new promo dropped showing the doctors with very different looks. First Dr. Dubrow looks at himself in a mirror. He has inflated lips and says, “Perfect.” Dr. Nassif says, “I know.”

It’s then his turn to get something done. In the next scene, he’s seen with huge breasts with his shirt unbuttoned. “You are a master,” he tells Dr. Dubrow. “I know,” he says back.

Things don’t stop there. Dr. Dubrow is also seen with large and pointed ears. He begins to regret his decision with, “This was a really bad idea.” Dr. Nassif says, “You think?”

Botched Season 6 premieres on Monday, Nov. 4 at 10 p.m. There will also be a “Most Outrageous Patients Special” special airing on Monday, Oct. 28 at 10 p.m.