Bow Wow Performs at Packed Concert Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: Twitter Reacts

Live concert events have mostly shut down in the United States since the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak hit the country in March 2020, but musician Bow Wow performed a concert on Jan. 15 in Houston during the health crisis in the country to a packed audience. People on Twitter reacted to a video spreading of Bow Wow on stage with many fans in the audience forgoing wearing a mask and standing close together.

Read on to see what people had to say about Bow Wow’s performance during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bow Wow
Bow Wow | Erika Goldring/Getty Images

What the CDC has said about in-person live events

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a page on its website regarding events during the COVID-19 crisis and how people should navigate gatherings. The CDC states that the larger the gathering with less than six feet apart between people, the higher the risk that the event has. The CDC recommends that people stay home and wear masks to help prevent the spread of the virus.

What Bow Wow’s concert performance looked like

The video taken at Bow Wow’s Jan. 15 concert in Houston shows a huge crowd of people close together, most without masks, watching Bow Wow perform on stage. The audience members were singing and dancing close to each other during the performance. Bow Wow himself was also not wearing a mask in the video.

While people are certainly growing restless from the almost yearlong quarantine due to the pandemic, people on Twitter took to criticize those not following the CDC guidelines in the video above.

What people on Twitter said about the gathering

Twitter users pointed out the dangers in gathering for a concert during the deadly Coronavirus outbreak, which has had more than 23 million cases and killed almost 400,000 people in the country, per the CDC.

Actor Zach Braff weighed in on the concert video. “I thought about it and have decided I’m not willing to die for Bow Wow,” he said, joking about the situation.

Other people spoke up about the video going around on Twitter. Writer Kirk A. Moore wrote: “Imagine dying or killing someone else because you went to see Bow Wow at the club in 2021. I hate it here y’all.”

The writer continued in another tweet: “These people went to the club in a plague with no masks on to see Bow Wow perform in 2021.”

“I can think of a million better ways to die,” one person said on Twitter. “But to be struggling on a vent [because] you went to see Bow Wow in the year of our lord 2021…that ain’t it.”

Another user commented that these kinds of large public gatherings will only prolong the pandemic. “Going to see Bow Wow in a pandemic, we are stuck in this for a long time,” the person said.

Bow Wow himself has yet to comment or react to the critiques thrown his way due to his concert, but he did post on Instagram Stories showing the audience at his performance. The only thing the rapper publicly said after his concert was that he was unfollowing a lot of people.

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