Brad Pitt’s Approach to Therapy is Something Everyone Should Know

Hollywood celebrities aren’t immune to being depressed, having issues to sort through, or dealing with other things that might warrant a therapist. Many celebrities advocate for using a therapist.

It could be argued that they may need them more than the average person, with all the pressures of being in the limelight, the difficulty maintaining privacy in relationships, and so on. They may also seek therapy to prepare for or deal with the after-effects of a role, or it may just be to deal with something a non-celebrity would deal with, like being a parent.

When Brad Pitt needed therapy, he approached it a bit differently. 

Brad Pitt through the years

Pitt is a well-known and easy-on-they-eyes actor. At 56, he’s done a lot, both in Hollywood and outside of it. He’s been in an astounding 83 movies and made appearances on television as well.

Some of his better-known movies include Seven, Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He’s more than an actor though, he’s also a film producer and runs the production company, Plan B Entertainment.

All of this has led to two Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award for acting and an Academy Award and Primetime Emmy Award as a producer.

Pitt is also known for his previous marriage to Jennifer Aniston, and his consequent marriage to Angelina Jolie that’s pending divorce.

During his years as an actor, Pitt has also been a strong advocate for global causes, donating millions to charities across the world and even being on the frontlines to help. From organizing and financing the building of houses in New Orleans after Katrina to visiting African countries and being involved in the causes affecting those populations. 

Brad Pitt goes to therapy

Back in 2017, after his split with Jolie, Pitt started going to therapy. He felt it was time to be done running from his pain. He talked openly about this when he gave interviews, like one he gave to GQ.

He reportedly loves it, too, going to weekly sessions to help deal with giving up alcohol and for the chance to do some inner reflection. Pitt admitted: “I think I spent a lot of time avoiding feeling, and now I have no time left for that.”

With his relationship with his oldest son, Maddox, on the rocks and a divorce ongoing, Pitt has to focus on his kids and doing the right thing.

Pitt knows that part of that is taking care of himself. It wasn’t just individual therapy he attended, either. He also successfully participated in AA meetings, thankful that the group provided a safe haven without leaks to the tabloids.

“It was actually really freeing just to expose the ugly sides of yourself,” he said. “There’s great value in that.”

How Brad Pitt’s approach is the right one

Brad Pitt attends the Premiere of 20th Century Fox's "Ad Astra" in Los Angeles.
Brad Pitt | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Pitt has admitted that he had to go “through two therapists to get to the right one.” This is the right approach because not everyone is going to connect with the first therapist they try. It’s a lot like dating!

Also, different therapists have different strategies they use and carry different bags of tricks to draw from. One therapist may specialize in hypnosis while another focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy. Trying different approaches will get you the best help in the end and make your time in therapy the most productive it can be.

Therapy often gets a bad rap, but it shouldn’t. Therapy is entirely normal and proven to help. According to studies, about 75% of people who enter counseling will benefit from it.

Those numbers are good and show that counseling is at least worth a try. Besides, even celebrities are doing it.