Brandi Glanville Drops ‘RHOBH’ Bombshell On Housewife That May Quit After Major Season 10 Fight

Brandi Glanville is returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in season 10. It’s not yet confirmed if she will be a “friend of”, which is a part-time housewife, or if she’s just guest-starring. What can be confirmed is that the former RHOBH star is bringing in a lot of drama. Glanville revealed in a recent interview tidbits of the upcoming season and fans can’t wait for the new episodes to air.

Brandi Glanville
Brandi Glanville | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

“I don’t know if we’re going to ever see one of the housewives ever again,” Glanville told Hollywood Life. “She’s kind of refusing to film.”

The former Celebrity Big Brother star did not name the housewife that may quit after season 10. However, she did talk about how stressful the show has been since she returned.

“I am back and I’m stressed out,” she added. “You forget how stressful these things can be, and they really are silly.”

Is Denise Richards quitting?

After Glanville dropped that bombshell, fans started speculating on which RHOBH housewife might be giving away her diamond. Viewers came to the conclusion it might be Denise Richards as she recently wanted to skip the cast trip to Rome.

“Denise Richards really did not want to go to Rome at all after struggling to jive with the cast this season,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

Richards said she has “pleaded with producers” to not film scenes as she is not that cozy with the current cast.

“She doesn’t seem to be enjoying doing the show as much this season and nobody would be surprised if it were to be her last,” the insider revealed. “She wants to be doing acting more and Housewives has opened other opportunities for her. She’s really not about the drama and seems to be disconnected from it at times. A lot of the cast is frustrated with her lack of participation still this season.”

Lisa Vanderpump open to reconciliation with Denise Richards

Lisa Vanderpump quit RHOBH after she gelt ganged-up on by the rest of the cast. With Richards, reportedly, feeling left out by the Beverly Hills ladies, Vanderpump coincidentally says she’s open to reconciling with her.

“[Richards] is definitely not as close to a lot of the ladies as she was last season and her friendships with them are not what they once were,” a source told Hollywood Life. “They’re all upset that she’s never around and find it really unfair, but Denise is busy working. They all feel like they have to work too, so she should want to come to things as much as they do and she doesn’t.”

After a visit from Richards to TomTom, a restaurant owned by Vanderpump, the latter said it would be a good time to spark up a conversation.

“Lisa likes Denise and would totally be open to having a conversation with her. She heard she was having a tough season,” the source added.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is getting closed to wrapping production on season 10. Fans can see all the drama unfold when the reality show premieres in 2020 on Bravo.