Brandi Glanville from ‘RHOBH’ Says She Is Not Lisa Vanderpump’s Biggest Enemy

As the cast from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tried to come to terms with Lisa Vanderpump’s shocking absence from the reunion, Camille Grammer made a startling assertion.

Like the other cast members, Grammer said Vanderpump should have been at the reunion. But then she had her own theory about why Vanderpump didn’t show up. She asserted that Brandi Glanville’s brief appearance during the season may have been the catalyst to keep Vanderpump at home. In fact, Grammer said Glanville was Vanderpump’s “archenemy” too.

Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville talking on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville talking on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Bravo

The cast seemed surprised Grammer believed Glanville was the reason why Vanderpump didn’t attend the reunion. Especially since Glanville made a short appearance during the season when she had dinner and drinks with Denise Richards. But perhaps Grammer may have been referencing previous tweets and equated them to someone of sworn enemy status.

She ‘tried to ruin my life’

Shortly after her RHOBH appearance, Glanville referred to Vanderpump as her “personal devil.” She also said Vanderpump tried to ruin her life. Glanville fired off this spicy tweet.

“My truth about LVP Is that she tried to ruin my life! She had employees trash my wine,she gave ultimatums on the show it was either her or me, she conveniently lost her memory during my lawsuit which cost me all of my savings. So yes she is my own personal devil,” she wrote in early June.

But when Vanderpump’s mother died, Glanville was quick to tweet her condolences. But she then felt the need to defend her tweet. “Let’s be VERY clear the ONLY reason I put certain things (like condolences) on social media for certain people is because I know I’m blocked in there phones & I want them to get the message. Ultimately I think it should be done privately.”

So could she really be the reason Vanderpump didn’t show?

After Grammer insisted Glanville was Vanderpump’s “archenemy” Glanville felt the need to set the record straight. Despite the earlier tweet about Vanderpump being her “personal devil” Glanville insists she is not Vanderpump’s biggest enemy. “I am NOT LVP’s arch enemy!!That is absolute insanity. Trust & believe that is UNTRUE!!I I adore @DENISE_RICHARDS after meeting her at a dinner party for our mutual agent! NTM 95% of our conversation was not about lvp at all.”

She went further and doubled down too. “Nope @TheRealCamilleG I don’t buy it! She knows for a fact that I’m a proper f**king person & that I do the RIGHT thing when I’m suppose to. We may not be friends but I’m not LVP’s #1enemy.”

But Glanville recognized she and Vanderpump are still not pals either. “Let me be clear, LVP& I have a past that we will not recover from but I refuse to let @DENISE_RICHARDS be called out for provoking anything! I was on ONE episode of an entire season where the women had their own separate issues with her. That’s f**king it.”

Vanderpump says this is actually why she didn’t attend

Perhaps Grammer was reaching when she said Vanderpump didn’t attend the reunion because of Glanville. Vanerpump spoke with Extra TV and said she was over trying to defend herself.

She said, “Well, I said what I had to say in the body of the show many times and they kept saying, ‘Well, we don’t believe you.’ So how many times can you swear on your children’s life?

Vanderpump added, “So then you go and do a lie detector and they still say, ‘We don’t believe you,’ so what was the point of me being there, you know?”