Brandy and Monica’s First Reaction To Finding Out Their ‘Verzuz’ Battle Shattered Records

Brandy and Monica’s reunion for their ‘Verzuz’ battle still have fans smiling. What’s even more exciting is that the former rivals appear to be genuinely working toward a friendship. They are also basking in the success of their record-breaking live stream

Monica and Brandy
Monica and Brandy | Fred Lee/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

They currently have the most-watched battle in the show’s history and the streaming numbers across all platforms continue to rise. Brandy and Monica are seeing that working together musically is more powerful than separately. 

Brandy and Monica’s record-breaking ‘Verzuz’ battle

“The Boy Is Mine” singers ‘Verzuz’ battle drew over 6 million streams, making it the highest battle in its history. Social media engagement is even more impressive as they beat out the 2020 MTV VMA’s as the number one trending topic on Twitter.

The battle attracted over 5 billion impressions overall. More impressively, potential U.S. VP, Kamala Harris, surprised all by introducing the battle to encourage voting among the singers’ fans. As a result, there are now over 35,000 new voter registrations. Over $250,000 was also raised for When We All Vote.

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The success also transferred onto the iTunes chart. By Sept. 2, two days after the live stream, Brandy and Monica collectively took up 10 albums on the R&B and Soul albums chart, with three of Brandy’s in the top 10 and four Monica’s in the top 20.

Additionally, they collectively held 30 out of 40 singles on the top 40 in R&B and Soul Tracks. Monica’s singles streams fared better with 18 – and Brandy with 12. 

Brandy and Monica react to ‘Verzuz’ battle record

Monica and Brandy are still basking in the success of their history-making moment on ‘Verzuz.’ Immediately following their live stream, the singers spoke exclusively to TrueExclusives to give their reactions to the numbers, as streams continued to rise.

At the time of the interview, the streaming numbers were already at 4.2 million and steadily growing. The two sang “4.2” in harmony as a nod to the record and became even more surprised to learn that their music was currently being streamed more on iTunes.

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The two also spoke about how special the reunion was for both of them, noting that despite their history, they’ve had more success together. The only Grammy both currently have is for their duet, “The Boy Is Mine.”

They also share similar experiences starting their careers so early, with Monica recording her first album at 12-years-old – and Brandy’s musical debut at 14-years-old.

“It was good for us to just dive back into what’s important, which is the music,” Monica tells Brandy. “That’s the biggest part of the both of our lives, you gave half of your life, I gave half of mine to this.”

Brandy agrees, telling Monica, “And our childhood, we gave up our childhood for this.”

With the success of the battle, fans are hoping the former rivals will finally join forces for a tour, which both say they are open to. There are also hopes for another collaboration or a potential duet album.