Bravo Reportedly Shelves ‘Southern Charm’ While They Search For Someone to Replace Drama Magnet Thomas Ravenel

The cast and crew of Bravo’s hit reality series, Southern Charm, are reportedly facing a short hiatus. Filming for season 7 of Southern Charm has allegedly been delayed while producers search for new talent following Thomas Ravenel’s exit. The production hiatus will likely push the premiere of the new season to sometime in late 2020 as fans wait anxiously for their favorite Southern Charm star to return to action.

Southern Charm season 7
The cast of ‘Southern Charm’ | Photo by Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Season 7 of ‘Southern Charm’ delayed

Production for the new season of Southern Charm was expected to start this fall. But filming has been plagued by rumors that the cast has been having trouble drumming up drama.

According to Decider, producers have stopped filming altogether and are now on the hunt for a few more cast members to spice things up. Bravo apparently felt like the current cast was not exciting enough, and they are now looking for someone who is on par with the show’s previous troublemaker, Ravenel.

Ravenel left the Southern Charm prior to season 6. He was booted in the wake of sexual assault allegations. Although Ravenel has since settled his legal issues, he is not expected to appear on the series ever again.

With Ravenel on the outs, producers are reportedly desperate to find someone who can make the series interesting once again. Although we cannot confirm that these rumors are true, Ravenel alluded to them in a recent post on Twitter.

Ravenel dishes on casting

Taking to social media, Ravenel revealed that Southern Charm producers attempted to get his first cousin, Lee Ravenel, on the show.

Ravenel explained how his cousin turned down the offer and complimented him on his decision to steer clear of the drama.

“I heard my first cousin, Lee Ravenel, turned down an invitation to be on Southern Charm. I knew he got all the looks in the family. Now I know he got all the brains too,” Ravenel shared.

There is no telling who Southern Charm producers will cast to replace Ravenel, but it definitely sounds like they are desperate to add someone new to the show. Whether or not that person can actually stir up enough drama remains to be seen, but it is not a bad idea to add some new people to the mix.

The last time we saw Ravenel on the series was back in season 5. At the time, he was creating a lot of buzz from his romance with Ashley Jacobs, who got into a few spats with his former girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis.

‘Southern Charm’ cast cashes in

Despite the delay in filming, the cast of Southern Charm is reportedly getting raises for season 7.

An inside source revealed that the reality stars are getting huge bumps in salary in what is being termed as a “do or die” year for the show. The biggest stars on the series are making an additional $5,000 per installment, which comes out to around $80,000 for the whole season.

The Southern Charm cast members who are getting the biggest raises include Dennis, Craig Conover, Shep Rose, and Cameran Eubanks. All four of these cast members are reportedly making upwards of $480,000 for the season.

The only catch is that all of the cast has to deliver in the drama department. If they fail to attract more viewers to the show, then Bravo is considering pulling the plug on the series altogether.

When will filming begin?

With production delayed until further notice, the earliest that filming is expected to start is in January of 2020. This, of course, depends on how quickly Southern Charm producers can add new cast members. And based on the early rejections, things are not looking good so far.

In the meantime, the delay has given some cast members the opportunity to pursue other projects. Conover, for instance, has been devoting his time to his new business venture and has been hosting his Sewing Down South Pillow Parties around the states.

Other cast members, meanwhile, participated in BravoCon back in November. The Southern Charm stars took part in a special panel in which they gave fans an update on their busy lives.

This includes Eubanks talking about how she is allergic to alcohol and informing fans how her daughter, Palmer, is getting along.

Bravo has not announced an official premiere date for season 7 of Southern Charm.