‘Breaking Bad’ Movie: Is Walter White Alive?

Actors Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston at a red carpet event
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It was a big surprise to learn all the rumors of a Breaking Bad movie really were true after a strong ruse was crafted to throw people off the trail. Even we wrote about it a while back, then almost recoiled when news came out the leaked production pics were because Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston were starting a Mezcal business together.

So much for finding new ways to hide the truth. When the new trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie released recently, social media was almost incredulous a Breaking Bad follow-up could really happen in an era of fakes. It’ll ultimately debut on Netflix Oct. 11, which is the best possible platform.

There’s still a lot of mystery, though, around whether Cranston will really be involved. Production photos seemed to indicate he will, but it shouldn’t uphold the “death isn’t final” trope.

All indications point toward the ‘Breaking Bad’ movie being centered completely around Pinkman

The trailer for El Camino made it clear this movie is going to be about the apparent search for Jesse Pinkman after being culpable in the meth business he and Walt led for years. Fans also know the title is a nod to the car we saw Jesse driving away in at the end of Breaking Bad, giving hints we’ll see the car again.

All we see in the trailer is Pinkman’s friend and pusher, Skinny Pete, telling law enforcement interrogators he isn’t going to talk about where former is. If this movie is mostly about Pinkman maybe being on the run (again), how is Walt involved, if at all? We all saw those supposed production pictures of what appeared to be Jesse and Walt together again out in the desert.

Or were those pics taken from the original Breaking Bad series? Nobody said one way or the other, even though Aaron Paul was teasing those pics on his Instagram as an upcoming project.

Production is somehow doing a better job of keeping things secret

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What knocked everybody over about El Camino was how they filmed it already a year ago and kept it from leaking. Aaron Paul has said it was challenging to keep it under wraps since he was spotted filming in the desert of New Mexico. At the time, he brushed it off as working on an indie film in the area. Others thought he was doing an episode of Better Call Saul.

All of us thought we’d see Pinkman make a cameo in BCS first. Many were hoping to see Cranston return as Walt as well to detail events taking place before Breaking Bad occurred.

After several seasons, fans were growing impatient, outside of many other former BB cast members making guest appearances. When there was a cover of Cranston and Paul creating a Mezcal venture together, everyone thought the Instagram pic Paul posted of two donkeys in the desert was strictly an act of clever business marketing.

Apparently the Mezcal idea is still on while also being a fantastic cover-up for this Breaking Bad movie. No doubt it also gives hope to other production teams in keeping their movies truly secret. Yet, the real well-kept secret is still whether Cranston was really involved.

Is Walter White alive in the ‘Breaking Bad’ movie’s present time?

Most fans of Breaking Bad realize the ending of the series was perfect. Showing Walt collapsing and splayed out on the floor of a meth lab as police close in on him is one of the most haunting endings to any TV show in history.

Of course, it also left it open whether Walt was really dead or just pretending to be. Even Cranston continues to reiterate Walt died at the end. Let’s hope against hope it stays this way and all we see of Walt in El Camino are flashbacks to fill in some backstory.

Producer and writer Vince Gilligan is too astute a writer to ruin the ending of the show in making us think Walt somehow cheated death and then escaped himself. Clearly, we didn’t see every event Walt and Jesse went through. Having Pinkman going inward and remembering moments we didn’t see on Breaking Bad will bring a lot of emotional closure to the show.

Maybe we’ll even see Pinkman have a similar dramatic ending, leaving it open to a million interpretations on whether he survived or continues to have nine lives.