‘Breaking Bad’ Movie: Why Fans Think Aaron Paul Is Teasing a Film

With anti-heroes being everywhere on TV and in movies lately, the public is forgetting that AMC’s Breaking Bad moved the dial forward on this concept. After six years off the air, few other defunct AMC shows are still being discussed and watched in reruns than Breaking Bad. You can also include constant chatter about its two main stars: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Both have moved on to other stellar projects. However, Aaron Paul is possibly hinting at an upcoming Breaking Bad movie. Is there really one on the horizon, or is it fan wish fulfillment?

Paul’s social media has strong hints, and there is official confirmation a movie is in the works. Such a movie might have to play up the past than the present.

Aaron Paul’s social media images seem to indicate a movie green light

The first week of July, Aaron Paul used his Instagram account to post various mysterious images seeming to indicate something about Breaking Bad was about to happen. One of those images was a pic of Paul and Cranston wading through water together as their old characters. Paul captioned it with “Even Sooner” after a couple of earlier related images posted saying “Soon.”

Does this indicate Paul and Cranston are shooting a Breaking Bad movie together now, or were these images teasers for something else?

Page Six confirms Deadline reported on a movie “being in the works.” This will reportedly be a sequel and show Jesse’s trajectory in the days after Walter White’s death.

Supposing it’s accurate, then how does Cranston fit into the project?

If ‘Better Call Saul’ won’t have a Walt cameo, then the movie might

Even though the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul is very popular and still going, some patience has worn thin on hoped for cameos of former BB stars. Many were told we’d see a cameo or two by Walt by now, no matter if it’s maybe still forthcoming.

Since these are all events that happened in the years prior to (or during) the BB timeline, some were also hoping to see Paul’s Jesse make an appearance in the last few seasons.

While dozens of other cameo crossovers have already occurred, a lot of people would like to see Cranston’s Walt in some form or another soon. We all know Cranston has been super busy with everything under the sun. More than a few of us even want to see him do a movie remake of Network based on the Broadway version he’s done playing Howard Beale.

In a Breaking Bad movie, we’d have to assume any appearance by Walt would be in flashback. Unless they truly go with the dreaded thought of him being alive.

Social media chatter already worries Walt is alive

If you go on Twitter lately, you’ll see discussions already starting about this Breaking Bad movie sequel and growing concern it’ll throw a curve ball on Walt’s fate.

Most fans agree Walt’s death at the end of the original series was classic television no one should dare alter. Having Walt alive in the movie’s present timeline would ruin a perfect ending that was simultaneously tragic and cathartic.

Aaron Paul placing Cranston’s image as a teaser might be a mere marketing ploy to whet all appetites. Let’s hope any involvement with Cranston will involve strictly being a Walt cameo from the past. No doubt they could deftly intertwine the present with the past so it seems like Walt is ever-present with the events of the current plot.

As the recent HBO sequel to Big Little Lies demonstrates, the specter of a past character (Perry Wright) can become just as haunting and revealing through flashbacks than if they’re physically in the current space. Walt likely has plenty of similar aspects to his personality we never really knew.