Brie Larson’s Reaction to a ‘Captain Marvel’ Fan’s Surprise Proposal Is Heartwarming

Most people probably dream about the day when their significant other will propose to them. Yet most people wouldn’t imagine a celebrity like Brie Larson being present. Well, someone out there doesn’t have to imagine because it happened.

And the actress’ reaction was wonderful. The fans were likely delighted that she reacted so well to the surprise. It most likely made the moment that much more special.

Brie Larson at the Captain Marvel world premiere
Brie Larson at the Captain Marvel world premiere | ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

How did it happen?

Brie Larson was at ACE Comic Con in Chicago and was posing for a picture with two Captain Marvel fans. One of the fans, according to CNN, got down on one knee and proposed to the other. The proposer, according to CNN, was named John Chambrone and he proposed to his boyfriend Richard Owens.

Chambrone later described the encounter with Larson on Facebook as “the most epic moment of [his] life.” Not only did he propose to the one he loves, he got to meet Brie Larson while doing so. Sounds pretty epic to us!

What was Brie Larson’s reaction to the proposal?

She was super excited for the happy couple, we know. But what else? Well, Larson later tweeted that she was “changed” by the encounter.

It must have been really special to be part of such an important moment for two people. We are sure Brie Larson would be pleased to know that she played a role in the romance from the beginning. According to the fan who proposed, John Chambrone, the couple’s first date was to see Captain Marvel. How sweet!

According to Chambrone, “the movie meant a lot to [him and his boyfriend] and [he] was so glad that [Owens] now shares [his] passion for the greatest superhero in all the known universes.” We are sure that Brie Larson will appreciate the love for her character Captain Marvel. And that Chambrone and his now fiance appreciated Larson being there for their special moment.

How did Larson participate in the proposal itself?

Larson not only had a priceless reaction, but she participated in the proposal as well. According to the man proposing, Larson and him both put the ring on his new fiance’s finger. What a lovely gesture from Larson! We’re sure the couple appreciated it and will be telling that story for a while.

She was generous to participate in the proposal and we know that made it all the more special for the couple. Fortunately, this story is being shared with the world. It’s nice to see such a celebration of love, and we’re sure that Larson is not the only one who is “changed” by it.

We are also sure that this gesture will be appreciated by many Captain Marvel fans. Brie Larson may be inundated with proposals in the future. Oh well. The actress might not mind, though we still wouldn’t recommend it entirely.

This might be better off as a one-time thing. Still, it was beautiful and we’re glad it happened. Many Marvel fans might have a new appreciation for Brie Larson after this special moment. It’s hard not to love her reaction.

Larson will probably have a wonderful time telling everyone she knows this story. And we know the happy couple will as well.