Brie Larson And Tessa Thompson Have Been Getting Us Excited For This ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Team Up

The Avengers: Endgame premiere is in less than a month, and Marvel fans are (clearly) very excited. In the movie, which is the end of Phase 3 of the MCU and has been said to be a turning point in the franchise. While Infinity War was a chance for many heroes who hadn’t met to form connections (Rocket and Thor, anyone?), there will be more of that in Endgame, as there are still quite a few favorites who don’t know each other yet. Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson’s characters are two of those, but they’ve been encouraging fans who are excited for their soon-to-be-seen relationship on Twitter.

Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson composite image
Left: Brie Larson | Mike Smith/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, Right: Tessa Thompson | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Captain Marvel has officially met the Avengers

After the Infinity War end-credit scene in which Nick Fury pages her, it was rumored that Captain Marvel would be joining the Avengers in Endgame. This was confirmed in the post-credit scene for her solo flick, which debuted in March 2019. Carol Danvers arrives at Marvel headquarters where Natasha (Black Widow), Banner (the Hulk), Steve Rogers (Captain America), and Rhodey (War Machine) are post-snap, demanding to know where her pal Fury is.

In the final trailer for Endgame, we got a taste of another Avengers introduction. Carol maintains eye contact with the god while Thor summons his ax, never flinching. Thor turns to Natasha, saying, “I like this one.”

Tessa Thompson’s involvement in Endgame was more recently announced

It was unknown until this month whether Thompson’s Valkyrie would be in Endgame. She has only appeared in one Marvel film: Thor: Ragnarok, where we are introduced to her warrior character as she fights alongside Thor, Hulk, and Loki. At the end of Ragnarok, she’s seen in the ship as they escape the ruins of Asgard. However, she was not in the opening scene of Infinity War, which seemingly took place immediately following the events of Ragnarok.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo told the press that Valkyrie was alive, having escaped via one of the ship’s pods before she could be killed by Thanos. However, we had no idea if Valkyrie survived the snap until a recently released series of character posters definitely marked her alive. How she meets up with the rest of the Avengers is another matter entirely.

Here’s what’s happening on Twitter

Fan art is a big part of the Marvel fandom, and there are some very talented artists out there creating their own ideal MCU. On Twitter, many of these are shared, and some are even seen by the stars themselves. This is the case with recent images of Captain Marvel and Valkyrie.

The first one shared by Larson was on March 18, which was even before Valkyrie was featured in official Endgame promotional materials. In it, artist Bev Johnson depicted Carol flying her Captain Marvel uniform, holding Valkyrie close as the two starred lovingly at one another. It was enough to send the ship to new heights, and this was amplified when Larson retweeted it, tagging Thompson and writing simply, “We cute.”

This set off a wave of content featuring the two heroines as a couple. On March 21, artist Monika shared a gorgeous gif of the two women in street clothes, with symbols that are illuminated in rainbow colors. This time, Thompson was the one to share the image, adding, “Oh wow. @brielarson we back.”

It doesn’t look like the wave of love is slowing down anytime soon. On March 30, Larson retweeted yet another rendering of the characters, this time back to back supporting one another, with emblems denoting Carol and the sun and Valkyrie the moon. Larson added to her retweet, “Will never stop loving this ship.” Now, who else can’t wait to see these two meet in Endgame?

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