Brie Larson’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Suit May Not Be What You Think

Marvel fans went wild in December as the first photo of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel appeared online. The 2019 movie Captain Marvel is now filming, but we had never before gotten a glimpse at what Larson will look like as the iconic character.

This new photo of Captain Marvel sparked some concern among fans, although, upon further examination, that concern may be premature. Here’s why the internet was so surprised by the first photo of Captain Marvel and why the character’s suit may not be what it appears.

1. Page Six snapped a photo of Brie Larson filming Captain Marvel

Brie Larson walks on set while filming a scene.

The photo was taken during filming. | Maw_arts via Instagram

The photo that came out in January is not actually an official promotional image released by Marvel.

Instead, it’s a photo snapped by Page Six of the movie being filmed. Larson is seen on set in this teal suit both during and between takes. In one shot, she is seen holding up a large map and confronting a bad guy.

Larson is sporting The Rachel, which makes sense seeing as Captain Marvel takes place in the 1990s. However, the suit isn’t something that everyone was happy with.

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2. The suit does not look like it does in the comics

Brie Larson holds a map on set while filming a scene for the movie.

Fans noticed a huge difference. | Eddiethemartian via Instagram

The reason the image was so surprising is that the suit Larson is wearing looks quite a bit different from Captain Marvel’s suit in the comics.

Carol Danvers has had a variety of different suits over the years, but the most well-known one is red, blue, and gold. So seeing Larson on set in this teal suit was a bit of a shock; it would be as if the first photo of Tom Holland as Spider-Man showed him wearing a purple suit.

Another surprise was that the suit is a bit baggy. But this may not be what it actually looks like in the movie. Marvel costumes tend to look a lot worse on set than they do in the actual film.

For example, when filming Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland says that he was at first disappointed that his suit was so baggy. But after the post-production team touched it up, it looked great.

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3. Some fans were unhappy with the suit’s colors

Brie Larson smiling on set.

The suit didn’t impress hard-core fans. | Aznpanther21x via Instagram

Because the suit in this photo looks so different from the comics, a lot of fans were unhappy with it.

Some of these fans decided to take matters into their own hands and change the colors of the suit using Photoshop. One popular post on Reddit was an edit of the photo so that Larson’s suit is red, blue and gold like in the comics.

That edit received an overwhelmingly positive response, with fans noting that this is the version they were hoping for. However, fans may have been a bit quick to judge.

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4. This is likely just a Kree military uniform and not her actual suit

Captain Marvel flying through the sky.

Captain Marvel’s backstory can tell us more about this green suit. | Amazingspiderman62 via Instagram

Fans who were upset about this new suit can rest easy, as it’s quite likely that this is not actually the final Captain Marvel suit. After all, the one she’s wearing looks a lot like a Kree military uniform.

In the comics, the Kree wear green suits, and we know that these aliens are going to factor heavily into Captain Marvel’s origin story. Granted, we’ve seen Kree in the MCU before and they’ve never dressed like this. But in some Marvel comics, only those with the rank of captain wear the green suits, so maybe the movies will retain that idea.

In the comics, Carol Danvers’ origin story involves her getting caught up in a Kree device explosion that turns into a human-Kree hybrid. She therefore gains superhuman abilities.

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5. The original Captain Marvel starts off with a green suit before upgrading to the red one

Fan artwork for Captain Marvel.

Fans have taken to creating artwork based on the leaked photos. | Abbylynn_cosplays via Instagram

In the comics, the original Captain Marvel was not Carol Danvers, but was instead Captain Mar-Vell, a Kree alien who Carol meets at a military base. He’s sent to Earth to observe humanity, and it’s later that he becomes a hero. When he first comes to Earth, he’s wearing a green Kree suit. Later on, he upgrades to the red one that we know and love.

The character of Captain Mar-Vell is going to be in this upcoming movie; he’s being played by Jude Law. So one common theory is that Mar-Vell will give Carol Danvers his suit upon dying and passing the Captain Marvel name onto her. Then, she’ll upgrade the colors.

Another theory is that Carol will just get a standard Kree suit at some point after gaining her powers and allying herself with the Kree. A third, way crazier theory is that Carol will wear this green suit modeled off of Mar-Vell’s original suit for a while, only to change the colors in Avengers 4 as a tribute to Steve Rogers, who dies while fighting Thanos.

Either way, Carol Danvers can wear this suit for a bit before upgrading to a traditional red one.

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6. Marvel superheroes often wear more primitive suits before getting their real one

Peter Parker holding up his suit.

How could we forget Peter Parker’s original suit? | Columbia Pictures

It’s common in the Marvel movies for superheroes to wear a more primitive version of their iconic suit in their first film before they get the real one.

After all, as pointed out in a post on Reddit this week, the first Iron Man suit Tony Stark ever wore was a really basic one that he made out of some scraps in a cave; it was only later that he upgraded to one we all know. The first Captain America suit that Steve Rogers ever wore was a super lame version for the USO. And although it’s not the first one he wears, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker wears a version of the Spider-Man suit that’s basically just a hoodie and blue pants.

If photos of any of these suits leaked online without context, fans would have freaked out thinking that the movies were changing the iconic costumes. But in reality, Marvel did a pretty great job at recreating the costumes that fans know and love. With Captain Marvel, it’s likely that that’s what happening with this picture.

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7. Marvel previously released concept art of Brie Larson in the traditional suit

Artwork featuring Captain Marvel fighting off a villain.

The artwork was released during San Diego Comic Con | Brie Larson via Instagram

Yet another piece of evidence suggesting this isn’t the final Captain Marvel suit is that Marvel previously released concept art of Larson wearing the traditional uniform. It did so at San Diego Comic Con in 2017, showing off an image of Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel fighting off a bunch of Skrulls. This suit is pretty much exactly what comic book fans would want, complete with the correct colors.

Sure, it’s possible that Marvel changed course since this early concept art and that the suit is now green. But there’s also the fact that the official logo for Captain Marvel is red and gold. So fans can feel at ease for now, as it’s likely that Captain Marvel’s teal outfit will not be permanent and that she’ll end up looking just like she does in the comics either by the end of the movie or in Avengers 4.

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