Brie Larson’s YouTube Channel Might Completely Change the Way MCU Fans See Her

Brie Larson is an acclaimed actress who has appeared in many popular films. She began her career as a child actress and worked on several sitcoms before making it big in Hollywood — and these days, she is best known for playing Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

From the time that Larson was announced for the role, there were fans who took issue with the casting and have been vocal in their dislike of Larson. Still, some of those fans are beginning to change their tune, following the launch of Larson’s very own YouTube channel. 

How did Brie Larson become famous?

Brie Larson on the red carpet
Brie Larson | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Brie Larson was born in California in 1989. Larson had an unconventional upbringing and has admitted to speaking French as her first language. She was homeschooled and suffered from crippling shyness and social anxiety. Larson turned to the arts as a way to express herself and combat her anxiety.

By the time she was six years old, Larson had decided that she wanted to become an actress, and enrolled in an acting training program.

In short order, Larson began landing roles in television sitcoms, including Touched by an Angel. Although she was very young, Larson’s talent was evident, and she received a major role in the Bob Saget-helmed show Raising Dad.

She briefly dabbled in music during this time, and even released an album — however, she eventually returned her focus to acting, and transitioned smoothly to movies, appearing in films like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and 21 Jump Street. Larson’s biggest film achievement to date was in 2015 when she appeared in the critically acclaimed film Room. She ended up winning an Academy Award for her work in the dramatic tale. 

Some MCU fans don’t like Brie Larson

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In 2016, Brie Larson was cast as Captain Marvel in the MCU. After years of speculation, she appeared as the character in 2019’s Captain Marvel. While the film was a blockbuster, and many fans loved seeing the iconic character come to life, there were many who took issue with Brie Larson and her portrayal of the character.

There are various reasons as to why Larson was no well-received by fans, with some stating that Larson’s outspoken feminist beliefs didn’t sit well with them, according to Screen Rant.

Other fans have claimed that Larson is “stiff” and unlikable, and have pointed to various interviews as proof that the star just isn’t the right fit for the MCU. For years, this narrative has circulated in fan communities — however, Larson’s recent launch of a YouTube channel might go a long way to change those fans’ minds. 

Fans are loving Brie Larson’s YouTube channel

In early July, Larson unveiled her personal YouTube channel, introducing the channel to viewers with an informal video.

Fans on Reddit quickly reacted to the channel, and began posting about how it could potentially change her image. One fan stated that the tide of public opinion is already turning, saying that “I’m glad the fanbase has started doing a 180 on her now that they’ve seen more of Brie than just one or two interviews. She always seems so lovely.” Another fan said “this is a pretty good format and move for her.”

While a few people pointed out that the comments section on her first video still contained a lot of angry and negative comments from fans, it is very possible that those people are just stragglers, bound and determined to hate on Larson, no matter what.

As Larson continues to do more interviews and videos, she will likely earn more fans — even those who might not have originally been on her team.