‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ Shows Why BTS Is So Successful

Bring the Soul BTS
BTS | (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

BTS is one of the biggest bands in the world. In 2019, the group won two Billboard Music Awards, sold out Wembley Stadium, and became the first group since the Beatles to have three No.1 albums in a year. BTS’s documentary Bring the Soul: The Movie had a limited run in movie theaters in August 2019. The movie showed exactly what makes BTS so successful.

Big Hit Entertainment does not shy away from showing BTS’s hardships

When BTS is onstage, their performances seem flawless. Bring the Soul: The Movie shows the difficulty behind achieving that perfection. BTS is always open about their hardships. RM and Suga are particularly open about their challenges with their mental health. 

Bring the Soul: The Movie follows BTS on the first three legs of their Love Yourself World Tour from August to October 2018. While accepting the  Album of the Year award at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards in December 2018, the group revealed in a tearful speech that they almost disbanded at the beginning of the year. 

Talks of disbandment occurred after BTS’s Wings Tour ended at the end of 2017. BTS felt like they had reached their peak, and lost a lot of their resolve due to the pressure of the industry. The group ended up signing contracts with Big Hit Entertainment for seven more years, and they grew even bigger in 2018. Bring the Soul: The Movie follows BTS during those months as the members deal with more pressure and fame

In the movie, viewers see the amount of effort BTS puts into rehearsals. They see the injuries the men push through during concerts. Fans see the members battle sicknesses and fatigue as the strenuous tour continues. They watch the members grapple with the downsides of fame like their hectic schedules and not being able to travel without security. 

‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ shows how hard BTS works

While it’s no secret BTS works hard, those who do not regularly follow the group might not know exactly how hard BTS works. Bring the Soul: The Movie shows the amount of effort BTS puts into every single thing they do. In a heartwarming Twitter thread, one Bring the Soul: The Movie viewer expressed how the movie changed their opinion of BTS. 

“So the movie started, I sat and listened to Mic Drop, and then came what I was not expecting. One of the members was running on a treadmill saying, ‘I don’t want to do this.’ So I asked myself, ‘So then why are you doing this?’ And then it hit me. He saw a means to an end that was greater than his current suffering. You see, this movie showed real people who have real lives and what they need to go through to make their fans proud. They cry when they mess up, they get injured and they need to learn to rely on each other…,” the viewer wrote on Twitter

“I walked out of there, finally understanding why they were so popular, why they were idolized. It was because they were selfless. When one of the members at their concert in Paris said ‘I’ll come back next year and show you all how I’ve grown!’ – I knew it had resonated,” they continued

BTS works together like a family in ‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’

In one of the film’s most gut-wrenching scenes, Jungkook is injured just a few hours before a concert. While Jungkook laments himself for the position the group is now in, Suga logically reassures him there will be other concerts. He offers quiet and stoic advice and tells Jungkook to go to the hospital and not worry about the concert.

Later, the entire group gathers around while Jungkook lays on the floor. Jungkook tells everyone that he will still perform and his band members tell him no. They take turns pitching their own alternatives and work as a cohesive unit to come up with a solution. 

RM then says he is more worried for Jungkook’s mental health than his physical health. He talks in detail about how much Jungkook loves to perform and how he worries not performing while he recovers will place a mental strain on the youngest member. As Jungkook is treated by the doctor, Jimin stands by the door, offering his quiet emotional support

As difficult as the segment is to watch, it perfectly displays what makes BTS so special. Each member has their own individual autonomy and personality that plays into the group dynamic, whether it’s RM being a mature leader to Jungkook persevering through pain. At its core, BTS is a band that acts as a family. They know each others’ strengths and weaknesses inside and out and bring their seven personalities together to help each other and their fans as a team.