‘Bringing Up Bates’: Zach and Whitney Will Soon Be a Family of Five

Zach and Whitney Bates are growing their family again. The seasoned reality TV stars are ready to become parents all over again in November, according to People and fans are thrilled to see the couple bring another baby into the world.

How did Zach and Whitney Bates meet?

Whitney hasn’t had the easiest of lives, but things have been looking up for her for years now. The couple met when Zach started frequenting the eatery she worked at, shortly after his first courtship went down in flames.

They quickly became friends but waited an entire year to enter into a courtship. The wait probably had something to do with Zach’s past dating failure. They were officially married in December 2013 and seem to be perfectly suited to one another. Last summer the pair took part in a vow renewal ceremony.

What do we know about the Bates’ newest edition?

While Whitney and Zach were happy to report they are adding a third child to the mix soon, they didn’t reveal much else. The couple is already parents to Bradley, 4, and Kaci, 3. They did not mention if they plan to find out the sex of their baby ahead of the due date.

Whitney did share with fans that she is experiencing cravings for Oreo cereal (who doesn’t love that stuff?) and raspberries. The expectant mother is also hard at work on a joint venture with her sisters-in-law. Several of the Bates women are working together on an online clothing boutique that opened earlier this month. Many of their items sold out in minutes during the grand opening. The boutique offers modern, but modest dresses and skirts.

Whitney and Zach have been open about a previous miscarriage

The Bates family is far more beloved than the Duggars for a myriad of reasons, but the family’s willingness to share their struggles is one of them. Zach and Whitney opened about the loss of a pregnancy shortly after their summer 2018 vow renewal ceremony. The couple announced they were expecting during the service.

They commemorated the loss with a dogwood tree, and now they are excitedly awaiting their newest arrival. Whitney is likely three months along in her pregnancy considering her November 2019 due date.

Zach and Whitney Bates are not alone in their fertility struggles

Zach and Whitney are not the only couple to have experienced trouble conceiving. Bringing Up Bates has chronicled Michael’s infertility struggle, too. Michael, Gil and Kelly’s oldest daughter, married Brandon Keilen in August 2015. They’ve been actively trying to conceive since but have had no luck. The couple recently announced they’d be returning to Tennessee so Michael could begin nursing school.

Erin Bates also experienced trouble with fertility early on in her marriage. The mother of three was later diagnosed with a blood disorder. The issue was discovered after multiple miscarriages.