British Royal Family Drama: Craziest Feuds You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

The British royal family has money, fame, and power, but like any other family, they have their differences as well. From the tumultuous marriages and bitter divorces to the sibling rivalries, it seems the fighting is endless. Even with all the bickering and bad blood, the family still tries to hide these feuds by putting on a united front. However, there have been plenty of blowups that have occurred inside and outside the walls of Buckingham Palace over the years.

Here is a list of the some of the most dramatic and craziest feuds involving the British royals.

1. Princess Diana vs. Prince Charles

Princess Diana and Prince Charles  | Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

Trouble between Princess Diana and Prince Charles started not long after the two wed in 1981. The Princess of Wales documented her unhappiness in their marriage before they separated in 1992. The recordings she provided to a journalist revealed the battles between the pair that the palace certainly did not want the public to know about –including the prince’s infidelity and Diana’s attempt to take her own life.

The drama between them only continued after they split when they each agreed to do sit-down interviews that did not put the other in a good light.

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