British Royal Family Receives ‘The Crown’ Spoilers Ahead of Every Season, Show’s Creator Says

Peter Morgan, the creator of Netflix’s The Crown, a series about Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, revealed the British royal family has an idea of what each upcoming season will be like before it airs. That’s right, they’ve received spoilers ahead of Seasons 1 and 2. 

Season 1 of The Crown premiered in Nov. of 2016 and followed Queen Elizabeth II in the early days of her reign and those that led up to it. The death of her father, King George VI, and her relationship with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, were included among other major events.

British royal family
British royal family. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

What’s unique about The Crown is the cast changes often because the show covers the same characters in different decades.

Claire Foy played Queen Elizabeth II in Seasons 1 and 2 of The Crown with Olivia Colman — learn more about the Oscar-winning actress’s previous roles here — taking over in Season 3.

Fans have already begun to question who will play Queen Elizabeth II in Season 5 with many thinking they’ve already got their third queen.

Learn who will play Prince Philip in Season 3. 

Peter Morgan on briefing the royal family about ‘The Crown’

In a recent interview with The Times, Morgan, 56, explained he’s had meetings (plural!) with people high up on the royal family’s staff to tell them what direction the show will take even before scenes have been shot. 

Morgan has regularly scheduled meetings — four a year — with “people who are very high ranking and very active within the organization,” he told the publication. 

“Respectfully, I tell them what I have in mind and they brace themselves slightly,” Morgan said.

Peter Morgan
Peter Morgan. | Karwai Tang/WireImage

They must’ve braced themselves a lot before Season 3 went into production because it marks the introduction of Camilla Parker Bowles, now the Duchess of Cornwall. 

She and Prince Charles met in 1970 at a polo match but couldn’t have a serious relationship together i.e. get married because the royal family didn’t consider her a suitable match for the future leader of the monarch.

Both went on to marry other people but they continued their relationship (get a full timeline of their relationship here) until they married in 2005. 

It’s been reported Camilla tricked Princess Diana into hiding her affair with Prince Charles after Diana learned what was going on between the two of them. But Princess Diana won’t be introduced on The Crown until Season 4.

Earlier this year, it was revealed Emma Corrin (Pennyworth) had been cast to play the future wife of Prince Charles.

Morgan wants ‘The Crown’ to be ‘something heroic’

In the same interview with The Times, Morgan spoke about leading the show in a direction that’s unlike other programs on the same subject matter. 

“You know when you get a supermarket trolley that veers to one side, because its wheels aren’t right?” Morgan said.

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“The wheels on this show want it to do satire, which is what we love doing with our political leaders and royals. But I’m not remotely interested in that. I’m constantly trying to steer it in the other direction, towards something heroic,” he added. 

When does Season 3 of ‘The Crown’ premiere on Netflix?

While Netflix hinted at a sort-of release date for Season 3, the show announced it will be available to stream on Nov. 17, 2019.

Get ready to binge-watch Season 3 by watching Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix before the show premieres.