The British Royal Family Is Revealing a Different Side of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are ushering the British royal family into a brand new era. Following the scandal that expelled Prince Andrew from royal life, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s royal resignation, and the death of Prince Philip, the royal family desperately needed a revamp.

As the two most popular royals after Queen Elizabeth II, the Cambridges have taken on a lot more responsibility as they prepare for Prince Charles’ reign and Prince William’s eventual ascension to the throne.

However, amid this revamp, Kate and Prince William are revealing a new side of themselves to royal fans.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on the tennis court
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Andy Buchanan – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s body language has changed

Prince William and Kate have proudly modeled their relationship after Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. However, as a modern and vibrant couple, they often faced criticism for appearing cold and standoffish with one another.

This was especially glaring amid the Sussexes tenure as senior working royals. It looks like the Cambridges have decided to shift things to appear more relatable to fans and in the press.

Prince William and Kate never engaged in much PDA in the past. However, in the past year, they have done a complete 180. In their 10-year wedding anniversary photos, they cuddled with one another, embraced and showcased a side of their relationship with the public that they typically keep behind closed doors. It was very refreshing.

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Will Kate Middleton become queen when Prince William becomes king?

While Prince William was born into royal life, Kate has had to work to fit in for the past two decades. First, it was as the prince’s college sweetheart and later as his girlfriend, fiancé, and now wife. Though she won’t technically be queen when the prince becomes king, she remains more than prepared for her role as queen consort.

“I think William is enormously proud of how well Kate has adapted,” royal expert Katie Nicholl said on ITV’s Lorraine via Express. “But she did have the benefit of time and experience. He was a great mentor. I remember being told by a palace aide how Kate had gone into Buckingham Palace when the engagement was announced and said, ‘Right, what do I need to know.’ I think the other thing that William did which was very clever was introduced Kate to us to the press.”

Kate has also used the queen as her blueprint on how to approach royal life. “She has a ruthless survival streak, just like the House of Windsor,” Tatler Magazine reported. “It’s why she is so well suited. She keeps her head down because the prize of being queen is so great. She models herself on the Queen and now speaks like the Queen.”

The British royal family is showcasing a new side of Prince William and Kate Middleton

In the past several months, especially amid Prince Harry and Meghan’s criticism of royal life, the Cambridges have realized they need to evolve to remain relevant.

“We got access to them in a way that we absolutely hadn’t before, and a lot of them was down to William and Kate recognizing that they couldn’t be seen to be in their ivory tower,” Nicholl told Austalia’s 60 Minutes via Marie Claire. “They needed to be accessible.”