Britney Spears Fans Are Dragging Justin Timberlake After He Was Caught Holding Hands With Co-Star

While Justin Timberlake is typically out of the gossip news columns, his recent activity with a co-star has him in trouble. We all know Timberlake is married to superstar Jessica Biel, and the two have been together since 2007. They have a son together and appear to be the perfect family — though Timberlake certainly shook things up a bit when he was caught holding hands with movie co-star Alisha Wainwright.

Now, Timberlake is scrambling to apologize. And while he swears he only partook in some hand-holding, Britney Spears fans are out for blood.

When Spears and Timberlake dated, everyone thought Spears cheated on the famous singer — and Timberlake never seemed to let it go. Here’s what everyone’s talking about on Timberlake’s Instagram.

Everyone thinks Britney Spears cheated on Justin Timberlake during their relationship

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears
Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at the Grammys | L. Cohen/WireImage

Timberlake and Spears were a match made in heaven. InStyle reminds us met all the way back in 1993 when they were both cast in The Mickey Mouse Club. And by 1998 the two were touring together and making their romance public — though it didn’t last. In 2002, Spears and Timberlake called it quits on their romance. And Timberlake maintains it’s because Spears cheated.

The publication notes Timberlake allegedly found a note to Spears from choreographer Wade Robson that led him to believe Spears was unfaithful. After that, Timberlake started producing songs left and right about how hurt he felt by Spears’ actions. “Cry Me a River” literally depicts Timberlake cheating on a woman who looks like Spears, and he even told Spears about the video ahead of time.

As for Spears, she appeared to dance around the cheating question at the time. “I’m not technically saying he’s wrong but I’m not technically he’s right either,” she said during a Primetime interview.

Timberlake was recently caught holding hands with Alisha Wainwright

Timberlake recently found himself in hot water with a co-star. People reports videos and photos were posted showing actress Alisha Wainwright, who’s working on the upcoming film Palmer with Timberlake, putting her hand on Timberlake’s knee. And in other photos, the two were shown holding hands.

The evidence certainly suggests that Timberlake and Wainwright were getting flirty, though both parties maintain everything between the was totally innocent. “It’s a balcony with a group of people and it was definitely nothing happening,” a source told People. “He’s down there shooting [his film] Palmer, they’re starring in the movie together and they’re cool and everybody was just hanging out.”

Even so, the negative press certainly affected Timberlake’s relationship with Biel. While Biel is still standing strong by her husband’s side, she allegedly pushed Timberlake to issue an apology on Instagram over his behavior.

Spears’ fans are dragging Timberlake and begging him to apologize

Timberlake wrote a long, heartfelt apology on his Instagram. “A few weeks ago I displayed a strong lapse in judgement — but let me be clear — nothing happened between me and my costar,” Timberlake wrote. “I drank way too much and I regret my behavior. I should have known better.”

While some accepted Timberlake’s apology, Spears’ fans are dragging Timberlake for what occurred considering how harsh he was on Spears when she allegedly cheated during their relationship.

“You almost killed Britney Spears,” one fan commented on the post.

“And to think that you dragged Britney for years! What goes around… comes around,” another mentioned.

“You made an entire career on Britney’s back anyway. This is karma,” another wrote.

We’re hoping Timberlake learns from this experience — though we’re not expecting him to apologize to Spears publically anytime soon.

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