Britney Spears’ Fans Are Worried After She Claimed ‘People Say the Meanest Things’ on Instagram

2019 was a wild year for many celebrities — and Britney Spears garnered quite a lot of attention herself. From her intense home workouts with her boyfriend to her social media posts showing off her day-to-day life, her fans are still heavily invested in what she’s up to. And despite many of Spears’ well-meaning posts, she’s had enough of the internet bullies.

Spears took to Instagram to tell her followers that cyberbullies are making it difficult for her to want to share her life with her fans. And while many showed their support on the post, others showed serious concern. Here’s what her followers are saying on Instagram.

Britney Spears took some time in 2019 to focus on herself

Britney Spears attends Sony Pictures' 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' Los Angeles Premiere
Britney Spears attends Sony Pictures’ ‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood’ Los Angeles Premiere | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Spears has been in the spotlight since her late teen years, and she’s still making headlines today — though they’re not always favorable. Many have speculated that Spears isn’t doing very well in terms of her mental state.

Vogue reminds us back in January 2019, Spears canceled her Las Vegas residency to focus on her family after her father nearly died in an accident. Then, in April, Spears mentioned, “We all need to take time for a little ‘me time.’ :),” which had some of her followers worried about what that could mean.

It’s hard to forget the 2008 head-shaving incident, too. While many worried about Spears’ health after the shave, HuffPost reminds us Spears herself remarked on the incident.

“I was going through so much artificial stuff with my kids and Kevin at the time. He’d just left me and I was devastated,” Spears said in the For the Record documentary back in 2008. “People thought that it was me going crazy and stuff like that, but people shave their heads all the time. I was going through a lot, but it was just kind of like me going through a little bit of rebellion, or feeling free, or shedding stuff that had happened, you know?”

She called out her bullies on social media

While Spears often appears in high spirits on social media, she’s well aware that she has plenty of haters. And it looks like it might be getting to her this holiday season more than usual.

Spears posted a video showing off her gigantic, beautifully-decorated Christmas tree as well as a revealing white outfit. And she wrote a caption that’s getting a ton of attention.

“Happy holidays friends !!!! I love sharing with you all … but it’s been hard to keep wanting to share because people say the meanest things !!!” she wrote. “If you don’t like a post … just keep it to yourself and unfollow that person !!! There’s no reason to ever go out of your way to make mean comments and bully people.” She then added a crying emoji face at the end of the sentence.

Spears’ fans are critical of her post

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Many noticed Spears’ post. Jamie Lynn Spears offered a few heart emojis in solidarity, and many other fans also reached out to remind Spears that she has a lot of supporters on her side. Unfortunately, not everyone was happy with the post. Many decided Spears chose to be in the public eye, so she should learn to ignore any hate she gets. And others explained that much of the “hate” she gets is actually genuine concern from her followers.

“I know people can be mean but when you put yourself on a public platform you’re going to get bullies No Doubt but sometimes there’s a few things that are just a miss with your posts and I think it worries people …,” one follower wrote.

“Brit.. you can turn off comments on your posts!! Just a helpful hint!!” another suggested.

“Many of us are just concerned. The videos with you twirling, erratic behaviour, and speaking, oddly.. combined with your dark, dark makeup and unkempt hair is making your fans a little concerned,” yet another wrote.

We’re not sure if Spears is paying much attention to the comments on the post. Either way, we’re hoping she has a happy end of 2019 and continues sharing her life with her followers!

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