Britney Spears’ Mother Is Speaking Out Over Concerns For Her Daughter’s Mental Health

Britney Spears has been through a lot since she first saw fame back in the late 1990s. She was only a teenager when her single “… Baby One More Time” was released in 1998, and since then, she’s lived her life in the public eye. The fame and attention has taken its toll on the pop star, who struggled with her mental stability back in the mid 2000s. Now, Spears is once again facing hardships, and her mother is speaking out over her concerns about the singer’s health and the choices being made.

Britney Spears
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Spears dealt with some mental health issues a little more than a decade ago

When Spears first rose to fame, she quickly became America’s sweet heart yet bad girl all rolled into one. Her image was like no other, and she was one of the most famous singers of the early 2000s, alongside Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson. Spears had several no. 1 singles and was quickly making millions, but all of the fame became a bit too much for her to handle. Her marriage to Kevin Federline was quickly going downhill, and her emotional struggles were becoming more and more obvious. Spears infamously shaved her head a few weeks before checking into a mental health facility, where she spent some time in treatment. She also refused to release her sons to their father, only creating more drama.

Recently, Spears sought help for more emotional issues

Spears has been through a lot over the past several years, and in the beginning of April, she checked herself into a mental health facility to help deal with her struggles. The initial check-in was reportedly due to emotional issues Spears was having over dealing with her father’s serious illness that he’s been battling for several months. Spears has always been very close with her father, who is also her conservator (the person in charge of her day to day finances and life due to her emotional issues). His near-death illness has been a lot for her to handle, but things don’t seem to have gotten better since Spears checked into the facility.

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Spears recently spend 30 days in a rehab facility for emotional and mental health issues.

Spears’ parents haven’t been in agreement on how Spears should be treated

Spears’ parents, Jamie and Lynne, have had major disagreements over how Spears is being treated for her mental health issues. Jamie and Lynne divorced back in 2002 after 27 years of marriage, and Spears called it the best thing that’s ever happened to her family. She told People her parents simply do not get along. And now, that seems to still be the case, except Spears is at the center of it. Spears’ father is her conservator, and her mother doesn’t think he’s doing enough to involve his daughter in her own treatments.

Spears’ mother, Lynne, is worried her daughter doesn’t have a voice in her treatment

According to TMZ, Lynne said her daughter is in dire need of help for her mental health issues. Spears had stayed at a mental health facility for 30 days, but she still needs further treatment. Sources close to the singer have said her doctors have been having trouble finding the right combination of medications for her, and once source told TMZ that Spears is “making bad decisions” and that it’s become a problem. But Lynne wants Spears to have a say in her own treatment plan, which her father apparently isn’t giving her, and it’s only created more problems between Spears’ parents. Plus, with Spears not getting any help, the stress is mounting on the family. One person who has always stood by Spears’ side is her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, who tweeted that she supported her sister 10 years ago and will continue to do so now. It’s unclear what her father’s next steps will be, but the decisions made will likely unfold over time.

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