Britons Find It Unfair For Taxpayer Money to Fund Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Home Renovations

Britons are finding it royally annoying to watch their tax money go into Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s lavish home renovations. Although they’ve been distracted by the cuteness of Baby Archie, residents haven’t forgotten how much money has gone into updating Frogmore Cottage, and they aren’t pleased.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been criticized for their home renovation plans

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Samir Hussein/WireImage

When word got out that Markle wanted a yoga studio in her new home complete with a spring-loaded floor, taxpayers were rightfully upset. Critics argued that money could be better spent supporting the nation’s education system.

The truth is, Frogmore Cottage needed to undergo a series of much more serious updates including heating, ventilation, electricity, and plumbing. These issues need to be tackled regardless of who was going to live there and the property had been earmarked for renovations long before the Queen gifted the cottage to Prince Harry and Markle. The property needed completely new gas and water mains, and much of the exterior of the home was in disrepair.

Aside from that, the home needed some structural repairs too. Support beams needed to be replaced, floor joists supported and what used to be five separate residences was turned into a single-family home. The couple also reportedly installed a more efficient green energy system to support the existing electrical infrastructure.

The cost of the renovations was largely covered by taxpayer money

As the official financial reports of the royal family were released it was revealed that the renovations for Frogmore Cottage cost taxpayers nearly $4 million dollars. This immediately put Markle into the crosshairs for ridicule about how money was being spent.

One of the most outspoken critics was, Graham Smith, a republican campaigner. He helped to insight fury among taxpayers by announcing, “This year’s increases are outrageous at a time of widespread spending cuts..if even one school or hospital is facing cuts we cannot justify spending a penny on the royals…Yet with all public services under intense financial pressure we throw £2.4million at a new house for Harry.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry funded many of the smaller, personal details for their home

Sir Michael Stevens, the keeper of the Privy Purse, spoke out in defense of the young duchess. Stevens is the guy who is responsible for all of the accounts owned by the royal family. He said: “The property had not been the subject of work for some years and had already been earmarked for renovation in line with our responsibility to maintain the condition of the occupied royal palaces estate…The Sovereign Grant covered the work undertaken to turn the building into the official residence and home of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their new family.”

So, the monarchy was going to maintain the property to ensure its longevity anyway, even if Markle and Prince Harry were not planning to live there. Also, according to Stevens, all the odds and ends, fancy fixtures, and custom work were paid for by Markle and Prince Harry’s own money and not that of the tax base.

So, cosmetic changes and personal decorating tastes were likely left up to the young couple to foot the bill. This probably included Markle’s choice in vegan-friendly paint and also finishes in their new luxury kitchen. Structural changes and even soundproofing the windows were likely paid for by the grant from the monarchy.

There are still many projects to complete

Royal sources indicate that there are many more projects still to complete at Frogmore Cottage, but the costs of those will not be revealed yet. According to palace officials, the exterior painting of the property is part of a five-year maintenance plan and will be calculated in future financial reports down the road. Landscaping and other exterior projects remain on the to-do list.