‘Broad City’: Why Is the Show Ending After Season 5?

The saga of Abbi and Ilana is coming to a close with the fifth and final season of Broad City. Ratings are high, the women just get funnier and funnier to watch with each season, and the writing is smarter and more poignant than ever before. So why quit while they’re ahead?

In a New York Times interview the duo gave earlier this year, they explained their decision to end the show after its fifth season. Simply put: they have nothing more to give.

“Comedy Central was so understanding that we needed to set these personal and creative boundaries, to keep the show as high-quality as it remains,” said Glazer. “That takes a limb. It takes an entire arm. I’ve got no limbs left. My head’s cut off on the fifth. I’ve got nothing left to give. There’s just a torso on the floor.”

The fourth season took a lot out of them

The fourth season, in particular, took a lot out of Jacobson and Glazer. Viewers will remember how political the season felt. The women said they felt incredibly charged working on the second-to-last season.

“The fourth season was bizarrely political, the process of it, and I think that’s why the product turned out that way. Season 4 really took it out of me, from beginning to end, and stretched on for so long. We couldn’t do another one after 5. Couldn’t do it,” said Glazer.

They have to be who they are

Another reason Jacobson and Glazer have declared season 5 to be their last is because they simply aren’t the characters they wrote for themselves anymore. When Broad City premiered, Abbi and Ilana portrayed two broke millenials hustling their way through the big city. A far cry from the successful writers, producers, and seasoned actresses they are today.  

“They can’t pretend to be who they aren’t anymore,” says NYT writer Dave Itzkoff.

Saying goodbye to ‘Broad City’

Glazer compares the project to her first love:

“You’re like, I’m going to be with this person forever! And then it’s like, no, I’m not. But I’m going to learn from this forever. We both need some space from this universe that we’ve lived in. We started the web series in 2009. At 31, that’s like a third of my life. It’s the longest relationship either one of us has ever had.”

Jacobson is tired after giving so much of herself to the show for the last 10 years.

“It’s exhausting because you love it so much. I am scared I will never have a project where I feel this way. I probably won’t, exactly.”

Moving forward as friends

Jacobson and Glazer are just as close in real life as they are on the show. They’re both excited, they said, to be ‘normal’ friends once again, as opposed to work friends.

They’ve already been spending more time together doing things like couples’ massages and gummy dinners.

“Weed gummies. Where you can’t work for eight hours,” clarifies Glazer. “You can’t talk,” adds Jacobson.

Projects on the horizon

We haven’t seen the last of Jacobson and Glazer. What’s next for the power duo? Coming up, they have one show they’re producing and one they’re writing.

Thanks for all the laughs, Broad City. We can’t wait for what’s next.  

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