‘Broke’: Pauley Perrette’s Jackie Discovers Her Mother Might Have Had an Affair

During Broke Season 1, Episode 4, Pauley Perrette’s character, Jackie, encounters a difficult situation. Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about this upcoming episode.

What happened during ‘Broke’ Season 1, Episode 3

Pauley Perrette and Natasha Leggero | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images
Pauley Perrette and Natasha Leggero | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

In Broke Season 1, Episode 3 (titled “The Dance”), Javier and Elizabeth face a dilemma. The couple, who are used to living a lavish lifestyle, need money. Unfortunately, that means they’ll have to get over their embarrassment and ask their friends to repay a loan. As the episode’s title suggests, they dance around the issue and have a tough time requesting the cash.

Javier and Elizabeth eventually get the confidence to request their money. However, their friends are offended and storm off in the middle of the dinner. The only problem is Elizabeth and Javier are now stuck with a huge restaurant bill. Elizabeth decides to get back at their fake friends by charging the dinner to their hotel room.

Jackie and Elizabeth learn their mother might have had an affair

In Broke, Season 1, Episode 4, Jackie and Elizabeth are caught off guard when they learn new information about their mom. She might not have been the woman they thought she was. It’s possible she was living a double life. When they find her secret stash of love letters, they begin to question if their mother was unfaithful to their father. Their father spent time in jail, so this could have given her an opportunity to meet someone else.

Javier gets another job

Viewers are treated to another surprise in this episode—Javier gets a new job. He used to be rich, but he lost everything after his father cut off his finances. Consequently, Javier has to and look for work. Since he and Elizabeth will be living with Jackie indefinitely, she suggests they look for work so they can contribute to the household. Javier gets a job as an rideshare driver, but in this episode, he announces a new job as a painter.

Javier isn’t used to earning a living, but he was determined to find work so he could take his nephew, Sammy, to Six Flags. He told his butler, Luis, he was excited about finding work now that he has Sammy in his life.

Jackie needs Javier and Elizabeth’s help

Javier’s income will help a lot since Jackie is also struggling financially. Just about everything in her home is broken or run down. Her table has a hole in it, her air conditioner doesn’t work, and her microwave almost exploded. Jackie can use all the help she can get right now.

Elizabeth got a job during episode 2. At first, she didn’t know what type of job to get, but Javier helped her narrow down her options. When he asked Elizabeth what she likes to do, she said she likes not working. However, she came to her senses and got a job as a personal shopper at Neiman Marcus.  She’s so used to living the high life that the idea working for a living is foreign to her, but she came around.

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