‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Fans Think This Is the Most Hated Supporting Character

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a treasure trove of great characters. There’s Captain Raymond Holt, the robotic precinct captain who follows the rules almost religiously but secretly has a heart of gold. Charles Boyle is another fan favorite. The foodie cop has introduced fans to a new way to describe food texture, or as he puts it, “mouthfeel.”

Jake Peralta, the main character of the show, is more complicated than he appears. In the beginning of the series, Jake seems like a joker with a love of solving crimes. As the series goes on, we learn more about how nuanced Jake actually is. He forms deep relationships with many of his coworkers, including Holt and Boyle. 

Fans also learn about Jake’s troubled childhood. His father, Roger Peralta, was absent for most of Jake’s childhood. 

Roger Peralta is the most hated supporting character

The cast of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.
The cast of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine at San Diego Comic-Con | Jordan Strauss/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

From the beginning, the show’s writers paint Roger Peralta as an irredeemable jerk. Of course fans hate him

Jake’s father Roger walked out on his family when Jake was young. During the second season of the show, Roger comes back into Jake’s life. He reintroduces himself to his son under the guise of making amends. Later, of course, Jake realizes that Roger has an ulterior motive. He’s been framed for drug possession, and needs Jake to help clear his name.

Despite the fact that Roger doesn’t deserve his help, Jake proves his father’s innocence. Roger gets out of his drug charges, but doesn’t come to the party Jake hosts for him to celebrate. 

His attempts at making up for it are not enough 

After missing the party, Jake tells his father he doesn’t want to see him again. That didn’t work out so well, and now it seems like Roger is back in Jake’s life for good. In season three, Roger gets back together with Jake’s mother, Karen. Jake is against the pairing, but he has no luck breaking them up. He realizes that Roger really cares for Karen, and decides to let them be. 

In season five, Jake and Amy introduce their parents for the first time. The families get together for Thanksgiving dinner. Of course the young couple is anxious for the Peraltas to meet the Santiagos and with good reason.

Roger tries to be supportive of Jake and Amy’s relationship, but ends up taking it too far. He and Amy’s father, both competitive men, get into a competition over who supports the couple more. The dinner culminates in Jake’s father Roger accidentally cutting off his own thumb while carving the turkey. 

In the hospital, he admits that Jake has half brothers and half sisters he has never told him about.  

Can he possibly redeem himself?

After all the drama and pain that Roger Peralta has created, it’s hard to imagine Jake has totally forgiven him for everything he’s done. Fans certainly haven’t. 

Yes, Roger Peralta has tried to redeem himself with Jake. But it seems like every time he does something kind of nice, he goes on to reveal even more awful behavior.

In the second season he proved he didn’t care about having a relationship with Jake. He only used him for his own gain. Then, even when he was trying to redeem himself at Thanksgiving with the Santiagos, he ruined dinner. On top of that, we found out he had been hiding Jake’s siblings from him for years. 

In order for ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ fans to forgive Roger, he’ll have to do more than just support Jake and Amy’s relationship. Considering how selfish Roger has been over the years, only an extreme act of selflessness could remove him from his position as most hated supporting character.