BTS and Halsey’s Fans Can’t Get Enough of ‘SUGA’s Interlude’ and ‘Finally // Beautiful Stranger’

On Dec. 6, Halsey released two new songs from her upcoming album, Manic. The singer dropped “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” and “SUGA’s Interlude.” To fans’ delight, Halsey also released a music video for “Finally // Beautiful Stranger.” After the new songs came out, BTS and Halsey’s fans were shook at Halsey and Suga’s talent.

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Halsey | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Halsey released a music video for ‘Finally // Beautiful Stranger’

The music video for “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” shows Halsey strumming a guitar and singing onstage. The video alternates between Halsey singing on a darkened stage alone and singing surrounded by bright lights and an audience.

The song also differs from Halsey’s previous work and is a love song. On social media, Halsey’s fans expressed how much Halsey’s lyrics and artistry impressed them.

“‘Finally’ is the same font used for Graveyard ‘beautiful stranger’ is the same font used for clementine,” one fan posted on Twitter.

“seems like Finally//beautiful stranger is a song by ashley and halsey and it shows how torn she is between those two worlds. she’s present to the public life as halsey and in her private life she’s ashley and not everything is as perfect as it seems. @halsey,” a fan tweeted.

“The finally//beautiful stranger music video made me realize how far halsey has come I’m so emotional and proud rn @halsey#FinallyBeautifulStranger,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

BTS fans can’t get over the beautiful lyrics in ‘SUGA’s Interlude’

The second song Halsey released was “SUGA’s Interlude.” The song is a collaboration with Halsey’s friend, Suga, who is known for his work in the Korean band BTS. Halsey wanted Suga on the album because of his introspective artistic style, and that comes across in the song.

“The ‘ i only listen to songs in English’ and ‘ i didn’t like it cuz i don’t understand the lyrics’ people will never gasp the beauty of this song, so really, don’t even bother trying to convince them, it’s their loss after all #SUGAsInterlude,” wrote a Twitter user.

“The haunting dreamlike production, the complex lyrical dance they weave around dealing with self doubt.The ultimate comfort of the idea that life just is, so live it. Halsey’s clear delicate, vocals as a counterpoint Yoongi’s pared back rap. It works MinPD nim #SUGAsInterlude,” a fan tweeted.

“The second Yoongi’s voice appeared I was stunned. After reading the lyrics I was again reminded how healing & comforting his words are. Everything he touches turns to gold…I can’t wait for his next album, I KNOW it’ll lead me down the self reflection path again #SUGAsInterlude,” one fan tweeted.

BTS and Halsey’s fans love both songs

Both songs Halsey released are unique in their own way while still coinciding with the other. BTS and Halsey’s fans appreciate both songs, and it has fans even more excited for Halsey’s album Manic, which drops on Jan. 17, 2020.

“if finally//beautiful stranger is the song she was talking about where she said it was the first love song she’s ever written…no words just tears,” a fan tweeted.

“‘Finally // Beautiful stranger’ and ‘Suga’s interlude’ are songs that talk about ones fear and hesitation in life. FEAR and HESITATION come always together. ‘What’s going to come next?! What if I get hurt?!’ 2 songs completely different but that complement each other,” wrote a fan on Twitter.