BTS ARMY Celebrates RM’s Birthday With This Special Project

To be completely honest, one of the best parts of being an international ARMY is you get to celebrate with BTS twice. Although we may not get holographic Bring The Soul: The Movie tickets or translated “Bangtan Bomb” subtitles, the fans always come together for birthday festivities lasting the span of two days.

Recently, fans all over the world joined forces to honor Jungkook’s birthday on Sept. 1. Later, they returned to wish Yeontan, V’s Pomeranian, a happy birthday on Sept. 7. Now, a certain ’94 liner is turning 25 — international age — on Sept. 12, and fans already went all out. This year, BTS ARMY celebrated RM’s birthday with a special project. And for once — with a little help from ARMY — the “God of Destruction” did not live up to his name.

BTS fans built a forest for RM’s birthday

RM from BTS
RM from BTS | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for dcp

On Aug. 31, around 250 BTS fans gathered at Seoul’s Han River Park. The group planted 1,250 trees in celebration of RM’s birthday, according to the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement. As reported by The Korea Herald, fans took part in the forestation project to honor RM’s growing interest in environmental issues and named it “RM Forest No. 1.” The publication also revealed fans of the BTS leader donated a total of ₩11,114,000 ($9,140), which can be broken up into ₩1,994,000 for RM’s year of birth and ₩9.12 million for Sept. 12.

Are fans planning ‘RM Forest No. 2’?

An account created for the forestation project continues to update fans, and it seems a second forest is already being planned. Following the event, the account explained why they got involved in a tweet to over 10,000 followers. In a series of tweets, the fan wrote:

“I just wanted to thank the Jon profit company #서울환경연합 because as you can see in the pic I’ve been trying to do this forest project since fall of 2017,” the fan wrote. “But after nonstop rejection and no answers I thought it was a dream further than a star. But in March of 2019, I found this current nonprofit group and they were so quick to reply with such positivity,” the fan continued. “I just really wanted to thank them and can’t wait for RM Forest #2.”

“I wanted to do a forest project because I wanted to do something that would impact the world. The world that we live in, the world that Joon lives in. It is nice to buy him lots of cool clothes and gifts but… I know all those are material things that he can get himself as well,” the fan added.

“I just wanted to do something that can help the world, and how awesome it would be, that he inspired us armies to work together!”

How to get involved with RM’s birthday project

Since the birthday project already happened on Aug. 31, some fans have been feeling left out. However, the fan account explained everyone’s online support is enough. The fan shared:

I know there are many of you feeling a little down or disappointed that you couldn’t volunteer on the site. But I hope you know that all this was possible because you send love and support for this page. Because of your trust in my past and current project, this project happened.

So I just wanted to stay thank you, for walking along this journey with me.

Besides, there’s also RM Forest #2 as well, right? Please continue your love and support.

The love pouring from RM’s birthday project is so apparent, it could melt even the coldest of hearts. It’s not only a testament to the BTS leader, but also to the message the group is trying to convey to fans. And while many were unable to physically participate, it seems everyone is willing to honor RM in their own way. So how will you celebrate Sept. 12? No matter what happens, just make it a good one.

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