Oh My, My, My — The BTS Boys Are Now the Global Ambassadors For Fila

If there’s one group known for being fashion-forward, it’s BTS. As one of the biggest boy bands in the world, these idols are now collaborating with the sportswear company, Fila. Will BTS have their own collection of shoes? Here’s what we know about BTS’ latest collaboration.

BTS | Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for dcp

BTS are now the global ambassadors for the sneaker company, Fila

On Oct. 1, 2019, the Italian sportswear company, Fila, announced their latest collaboration — with the K-pop group BTS. According to a press release, this will be a global endorsement, meaning that the boys will promote the products in Korea, as well as on tour in the United States, Europe, and Asia, under the brand’s theme, “One World, One FILA.” Not much else is known about the collaboration. However, the products are expected to drop sometime in 2020.

“So, BTS [is] now becoming models for Fila? I used to hate Puma, but they made me like it and I absolutely never in my life wore a single Fila product. So watch me buy the whole collection,” said one Twitter user.

“The positive mindset of BTS and their genuine communication efforts are in line with the brand’s orientation, and the healthy and energetic appearance they show is selected as a global model in line with the brand image. I look forward to seeing you in Fila after Puma,” wrote another Twitter user.

A spokesperson for FILA commented on the BTS boys and their collaboration

Naturally, fans of BTS shared their excitement on social media. Particularly because this is one of the biggest collaborations the group earned. In a press release, a Fila spokesperson elaborated on their decision to work with the K-pop group.

“BTS’ passion, positivity, and their genuine communication with fans are qualities that align with FILA,” said a Fila spokesperson. “Their energetic and unique personalities also make them an optimal fit as brand ambassadors. We look forward to creating a meaningful synergy between two global brands.”

“We are extremely thrilled to welcome BTS as FILA brand ambassadors,” a spokesperson continued. “With their global appeal, the group has inspired and impacted the world and we are very grateful for the massive amount of interest and support we’ve received. BTS has an incredibly loyal fan base and we will be devoted to communicating with that audience in a very special way.”

Who else has BTS collaborated with in the past?

BTS worked with well-known clothing and beverage companies prior to their Fila collaboration. According to Billboard, “prior to teaming up with Fila, the boy band partnered with Puma in 2018 for a sold-out sneaker collaboration.” Additionally, the boys collaborated with Coca Cola, each of them having their pictures on a can of the soda product.

In terms of non-profit work, the boy band collaborated with the organization UNICEF, to create the “Love Myself Campaign.” This campaign focused on an anti-violence initiative, while still promoting self-love and self-care. According to their website, the Love Myself campaign raised almost $2 million as of April 2019.

Fila will presumably announce more information about the collaboration and collection within the upcoming weeks. Music by BTS, including Map of the Soul: Persona, is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most streaming platforms.