BTS Combats Climate Change With Formula E Partnership

The members of BTS are always working to make a positive impact on the world. In 2017, the group launched an anti-violence campaign with UNICEF. To cap off the end of 2019, BTS partnered with the ABB FIA Formula E Championship electric street-racing series to combat climate change.

BTS Formula E
BTS | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

BTS partnered with Formula E to promote electric cars

On Dec. 18, it was announced that BTS partnered with the ABB FIA Formula E Championship electric street-racing series. By teaming up, BTS became a global ambassador for Formula E. As ambassadors, the BTS members will help promote the benefits of electric cars to combat climate change.

The announcement for the partnership reads: “With air pollution presenting the single largest environmental risk to human health today and causing more deaths each year than smoking cigarettes (according to the World Health Organization), both Formula E and BTS hope to inspire the next generation and millions of young fans to embrace clean energy and become future drivers of electric vehicles.”

Jamie Reigle, the Chief Executive Officer of Formula E, released a statement about BTS becoming brand ambassadors.

“We are delighted to announce BTS as a global ambassador of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. BTS has cultivated an engaged fan base that is highly passionate about social issues and we share a common desire to raise awareness of the threat of climate change,” he said.

Reigle continued, “In partnering with BTS, we will amplify our purpose of accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles to a global youth audience. Leonardo DiCaprio, Diane Kruger, Orlando Bloom and others have joined us at previous E-Prix races, and we look forward to working with BTS to continue to promote sustainability and the electric movement. We are extremely happy to collaborate with RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook to catalyze a move towards a cleaner future, faster.”

BTS fans are proud of the group

After the announcement, ARMY praised BTS for their commitment to helping the environment on social media. The members of BTS are already known for how much they give to charity and the positive messages in their music. Partnering with Formula E is just another example of BTS’s impact, and BTS’s passionate fan base has clearly made an impact as well.

“bts already spread awareness of mental health, social issues, social injustice, and all different kinds of things and now they are using their platform to bring awareness about climate change and other topics as well?? well I tell you they are good people, I mean it. I’m proud,” wrote a Twitter user.

One fan tweeted, “6th army kit interview seokjin said he wants heroes who think about the earth to appear. bts is a big influential group and now are ambassadors to raise awareness on climate change. who’s going to tell seokjin he’s now an environmentalist hero?”

BTS previously partnered with UNICEF

BTS partnered with UNICEF in 2017 for the Love Myself campaign. The group launched the anti-violence campaign on Nov. 1, 2017. The campaign’s goal was to allow young people to live without a fear of violence and encouraged self-love and other social messages found in BTS’s music.

“BTS are constantly donating to charities, are ambassadors to UNICEF, profit from their albums goes to their love yourself campaign & now they’ve joined up to help fight climate change, one of the biggest problems impacting the world today. They’re so amazing, truly inspirational,” a fan tweeted.

“BTS joined hands with UNICEF stage campaigns against violence, constantly donating to charities, profit from their album goes to their love yourself campaign and now they’ve joined up to raise awareness on climate change the biggest problems impacting the world today i’m so proud,” tweeted a fan.