BTS’s Entire Korean Discography Charts for the Third Time This Year

For the third time this year, BTS’s entire Korean discography is back in the top 1000 spots of the U.S. iTunes Top Albums chart. The reappearance on the chart comes after BTS was snubbed from the Grammy Awards and did not receive any nominations. To show their support for BTS, ARMY also trended the hashtag #ThisIsBTS on Twitter.

BTS discography
BTS | Steve Granitz/WireImage

This comes days after BTS’s entire discography charted worldwide

The first time BTS’s entire Korean discography entered the U.S. iTunes Top Albums chart was when BTS released Map of the Soul: Persona on April 12, 2019. On Nov. 11, 2019, Map of the Soul: Persona reentered the charts seven months after its release. That same day, the rest of BTS’s Korean discography entered the U.S. iTunes chart.

This occurred after ARMY started the #BuyPERSONAoniTunes movement on Twitter. Once Map of the Soul: Persona charted worldwide, BTS fans moved on to charting the rest of BTS’s discography. Within 24 hours, BTS’s entire discography simultaneously charted on the U.S. iTunes Top Albums chart. In total, 21 albums including EPs, full-length albums, BTS’s Korean discography, Japanese albums, and mixtapes charted at the same time.

BTS’s entire Korean discography charted for the second time in one month

Nine days after charting BTS’s discography around the world, BTS’s Korean discography is back on the iTunes chart. BTS’s 14 albums and the rap line’s three individual mixtapes are all charting on the U.S. iTunes Top Albums chart. This is the second time in November 2019 their Korean discography has charted. Even more impressive, it is the third time this year

This type of charting helps BTS’s worldwide sales numbers, but it also sends a message. It shows the power of BTS’s fandom and what ARMY is capable of when they support BTS. In BTS’s recent interview with Paper Magazine, the group credited ARMY with their success.

“It’s an honor that people around the world love our music and messages. It seems like there’s no language barrier,” BTS said. “We think that ARMY helped us spread our music across the world. All of this would have not been possible without ARMY.”

ARMY trended #ThisIsBTS on Twitter to celebrate the group

After the snub from the Grammy Awards, ARMY trended #ThisIsBTS on Twitter. The hashtag trended worldwide, and fans shared personal messages for the group. Fans also congratulated BTS for everything the group has already accomplished.

With #ThisIsBTS, ARMY showed the world and BTS that they do not need a Grammy to break down barriers in the music industry. They have already done it. BTS created a worldwide movement without a Grammy while gatekeepers of the industry tried to prevent them from succeeding.

“BTS write, compose, produce and sing/rap their own songs. They contributed in to spreading a message reaching over 22 million fans and empowered them to ‘Love themselves’. That’s legendary behaviour and #ThisisBTS,” a fan tweeted.

“they’ve broken many barriers with their music and sincerity and that’s just one of the many things that makes them so special @BTS_twt#ThisIsBTS,” wrote a Twitter user.

“I think ARMY’s love means much more for BTS then nomination on any award So @BTS_twt please, remember, that ARMY will always love u #ThisIsBTS,” one fan tweeted.