BTS Fans Are Calling out Simon Cowell for Trying to Discover a New Boy Group That Will Rival the Band

Just when we thought there was enough drama in the music industry, Simon Cowell had to go and anger the entire BTS ARMY.

The America’s Got Talent judge recently announced that he is working on a new singing competition show that will supposedly help him find a band to launch what he’s calling “UK-Pop”

BTS | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images for ESB

After revealing this unexpected news, BTS fans took to Twitter to drag Cowell for trying to rival K-pop and create a band that many believe will never live up to this group’s success.

Cowell wants to create a new genre of music called ‘UK-pop’

Over the years, Cowell has found himself part of some pretty messy spats with people in the music industry, but his latest drama went from bad to worse in the span of a few seconds.

It all started when the AGT judge sat down with The Sun to open up about his upcoming competition series, X Factor All Stars.

The show was supposed to premiere next month and feature past X Factor winners such as Leona Lewis.

Instead, the talent show judge revealed that he’s axed that idea and is now working on a new spin-off called X Factor The Band, which will premiere in 2020 and create powerhouse musical groups.

The show will be in direct competition with Little Mix’s new series, The Search, which will also premiere next year.

While many Mixers are extremely angered by this news, they aren’t the only fandom Cowell has rubbed the wrong way.

The former American Idol judge went on to explain that X Factor The Band will help him find a new pop phenomenon to compete with the biggest Korean K-Pop acts and many people are certain he was talking about BTS.

“K-Pop is ruling the world. This is a show to find a band to launch UK-Pop,” Cowell said. “It’s more than winning a record contract, it’s starting a new music wave.”

Seeing as though many UK groups have had international success in the past, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around what Cowell is actually trying to do.

After sharing his upcoming business venture, fans took to social media to share their thoughts on this news and weren’t afraid to drag Cowell in process.

Fans are ready to see Cowell’s new competition series flop

Soon after his interview with The Sun went live, BTS and Little Mix fans didn’t waste any time calling out the television producer’s upcoming mission.

While many fans made it clear that they will be supporting Little Mix’s new series rather than Cowell’s, other shared how much they’re looking forward to X Factor The Band being a huge flop.

“Pls tell me simon cowell isn’t actually trying to create a thing called “uk-pop” just to compete w bts tell me wht i read was a joke,” one fan tweeted.

“Simon cowell wants to make a new version of x factor to compete with little mix and on that version he wants to create a new “UK-pop” group to compete with bts,,, i cant wait to see him flop lmao,” another person wrote.

Other fans can’t help but laugh at this news and are certain that Cowell’s next pop phenomenon will never be able to compete with BTS.

“Simon Cowell really thinks he can find a group that will replace Little Mix and BTS. Omg stop with this humour it’s too much for a Sunday night,” one user shared.


So far, BTS fans are having a field day on Twitter and continue to bash Cowell for trying to invent a genre that is exactly the same as pop.

While Cowell has yet to comment on the ongoing backlash, we can easily assume he will continue to get dragged by the BTS ARMY for many months to come.