Here’s What BTS Fans Are Saying About ‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’

We purple them. On August 7, 2019, BTS premiered their second full-length movie in theaters across the globe. In true BTS fashion, Bring the Soul: The Movie broke records and encouraged fans to share their love for the group on social media. What are viewers saying about Bring the Soul: The Movie? Find out here.

BTS Jimmy Fallon
BTS on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ is breaking records for the K-pop group

This movie isn’t BTS’ first time dominating the box office. In fall 2018, BTS premiered Burn the Stage: The Movie, raking in “a scorching U.S. three-day weekend haul of $2.4 million and cumulative total in North America of $3.6 million,” according to Forbes. The film premiered in over 2500 theaters worldwide and was mostly well-received by audiences. Some even asked for the movie to be released on Netflix.

On August 7, 2019, BTS premiered Bring the Soul: The Movie, selling out in some theaters across the globe. According to, because the movie had screenings in 110 countries, Bring the Soul became the “widest-ever event cinema release.” We expect nothing less from the world’s biggest boy band.

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Fans tweeted their love and support for BTS and ‘Bring the Soul’

Within a few hours of Bring the Soul premiering, fans posted on social media about attending the movie. A few fans shared pictures of their gifts for other moviegoers; others snapped photos of their iridescent tickets. The response by fans of this movie has been overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s crazy how when you’re in a movie theater watching a BTS movie like Bring The Soul you hear people around you crying and it makes you think about all the different stories people have and how you all love the same seven boys, and it’s just really special,” said one Twitter user.

“Yesterday I took my brother, a casual fan, to see Bring the Soul. Tonight we had a family dinner and when my parents asked if he had a rough day at the office since he looked so exhausted, he said no, he just stayed up all night watching BTS videos after the movie,” said another Twitter user.

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BTS fans trended the hashtag ‘I purple you’

A few days after the premiere of the BTS’ movie, fans noticed another milestone for the group. Fans took to tweeting, trending the phrase “I purple you.”

“So, today is the 1000th day when our tiger cub Taehyungie said ‘I Purple You’ and explained [to] us the meaning of this. I swear purple has become BTS and ARMY’s color since he said it. It has such deep and beautiful meaning for all of us,” said one Twitter user. “I’ll love and trust you for a long time.”

“So proud to be part of this family and so proud that we’re still together BTS and ARMY. I purple you forever. Let’s stay together forever,” said another Twitter user, posting a video of V. The phrase, coined by BTS member, V, is a way of showing love among members of the army. Fans spread love and the purple heart emoji, expressing their love for BTS, Bring the Soul: The Movie, and each other.

Bring the Soul: The Movie is available in select cinemas worldwide until August 11, 2019.