BTS Fans Can’t Handle How Caring Jimin Was During a Recent VLIVE

To ARMY, Jimin is one of the most caring people in the world. Fans love the way Jimin always emotionally supports the other members of BTS. During a recent VLIVE, Jimin answered fans’ questions and ARMY can’t get over his caring responses.

BTS Jimin
Jimin of BTS | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Jimin searched for ways to help a fan’s illness

During the VLIVE, a fan posted that they have enteritis, which is intestinal inflammation. Jimin began searching online for ways to help the fan. After searching online, Jimin discussed what is helpful for enteritis and what is not. ARMY was awestruck by Jimin’s caring reaction.

“someone told jimin that they had enteritis, so jimin promised them to help and started searching for ways to handle it.. PLEASE HE’S AN ANGEL,” a fan tweeted.

“not at armys on vlive saying they’re sick and jimin searching up ways to help them. someone said their heart was hurting and he really googled ways on how to make it feel better this is so sick and twisted… an angel. literally an angel,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“Jimin’s bout to end up getting a medical degree just to help that Army who said they have enteritis,” one fan joked on Twitter.

Jimin thought a BTS fan was sick because of a mistranslation

Later on Twitter, it was discovered Jimin thought the BTS fan had enteritis because of a mistranslation. In reality, the fan from Brazil wanted to say they had difficulty screaming, but their comment was mistranslated by Google during the VLIVE.

“yall this barmy wanted to comment on jimin’s live in korean saying that she had difficulty screaming but google translated saying she had enteritis which is an intestinal inflammation and he saw AND SEARCHED ways to help with her intestine i cant stoplaughinghdhdhd,” one fan tweeted.

“The wrong translation show us jimins big heart again,” a fan tweeted.

The singer promised to try and look at every fan at BTS’s upcoming concerts

Later in October, BTS will perform three concerts as part of BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final]. The final concerts mark the end of BTS’s Love Yourself era and tour. The concert livestream will be available to watch on VLIVE on Oct.26 and in select theaters on Oct.27.

During the VLIVE, a fan mentioned that they would be attending one of the final concert dates. The BTS fan mentioned their seat was on the third floor. Jimin then promised to try and look at every fan during the concerts.

“a fan said they’re going to sy final on the third floor and jimin said even though he doesn’t know where they’ll be exactly, he’ll make sure to look at everyone at least once :(((((((,” a Twitter user wrote.

Jimin also reassured fans that his physical and mental health were good. The singer mentioned he feels very loved and supported by people in his life. It made BTS fans happy to know Jimin was in a good place.

“jimin said he’s been feeling good and healthy and has had no bad thoughts, we love this song,” a fan tweeted.