BTS Felt They ‘Lost Everything’ During the Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected numerous people around the world, and K-pop idols are no exception. With concerts and shows being postponed everywhere, many artists no doubt experienced some changes to their career. For BTS, the group admits there was a feeling they “lost everything” during the pandemic.

BTS | Cindy Ord/WireImage

What has BTS been doing during the pandemic?

Although COVID-19 limited BTS’s movement, it seems the band still tried to make the most of it. They continued to post a lot of content on social media for fans. For example, the members held live stream sessions often and shared pictures on Twitter and Weverse. Videos of them were also uploaded regularly on YouTube and Vlive.

Additionally, BTS had a virtual concert series called “Bang Bang Con” in April. It attracted over 700,000 viewers from 107 regions and had the biggest global audience for a paid virtual concert.

Aside from interacting with fans virtually, BTS also worked on their creativity behind the scenes. In April, RM shared that the the members were busy working on an album. Meanwhile, Suga revealed in a recent interview that he had been playing the guitar a lot.

BTS felt they ‘lost everything’ during the pandemic

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On the outside, BTS seemed to be doing well even during a global pandemic, but the members shared in a new interview with Extra that they had some “tough” moments as well.

“At first it was really tough and I felt that we lost everything that we were doing and what we could be doing,” Jimin said.

RM also had similar things to say. He revealed, “We shed some tears. We expressed some anger.”

It’s not difficult to see why BTS felt this way. Before the pandemic took off, BTS were busy promoting their song “On,” which became their highest-charting single yet on the Billboard Hot 100. Then, BTS was supposed to embark on a world tour from April to September 2020, but every show suddenly had to be either postponed or canceled due to COVID-19.

It’s clear the guys of BTS spent some time mourning some of their losses, but they did not dwell on their sadness for too long. After a while, they quickly got back on their feet.

RM shared, “Through all that, we decided to focus on what we could do the best. So we tried to work on new music, do some choreographies, and also Netflix, sleeping, playing guitars, watering the plants.”

BTS’s career is picking back up with an explosive new single     

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Fortunately, BTS’s career seems to be picking back up again. On August 21, the group released their first English-language single, “Dynamite.” Right away, the song broke a YouTube record by being the most-viewed music video, garnering over 100 million views in less than 24 hours.

BTS will also be promoting the song at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. The group has recorded their performance in South Korea, and fans will be able to watch it when the award show airs on August 30.