Is BTS’ Film, ‘Bring the Soul: The Movie,’ Going to Be on Netflix?

Even though the boys are on a break from performing in live concerts, BTS keeps fans on their toes. They premiered a video with UNICEF, and now, they released their second full-length film, Bring the Soul: The Movie. Because the flick is only available in select cinemas across the globe, some fans are wondering how they’ll watch it. Will Bring the Soul: The Movie premiere on Netflix? Find out, here.

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‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ is BTS’ second full-length film

Why release one movie when you can premiere two? BTS’ first full-length film, Burn the Stage: The Movie, premiered less than a year ago, during November 2018. According to Forbes, it was a box office success, raking in a “U.S. three-day weekend haul of $2.4 million and cumulative total in North America of $3.6 million.”

“BTS fans filled AMC theaters across the country,” said Nikkole Denson-Randolph, VP Content Strategy and Inclusive Programming, AMC Theatres. “It’s exciting to feel the audience’s passion for this documentary film, starting from the moment the cinema events were announced.”

BTS’ latest film, Bring the Soul: The Movie is available in select theaters, starting August 7, 2019. For those who don’t have a cinema close to their house, they may be out of luck.

J-hope, Jin, Jimin, SUGA, RM, V, Jungkook of BTS | Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Will ‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ be available on Netflix?

This isn’t the first time BTS fans asked for the group’s movie to be put on the streaming platform. Sometimes, getting to select cinemas is a little challenging. For Burn the Stage: The Movie, army asked for the film to be available on Netflix, specifically because it was only playing in select theaters worldwide. There’s even a petition going around.

“Since Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and other artists have their movies on Netflix. Can you add BTS’ Bring the Soul and Burn the Stage in, too — available for all countries who have Netflix,” said one Twitter user.

As of right now, none of BTS’ movies are set to premiere on Netflix. Thanks to Disney Plus, NBCUniversal, and other companies pulling their content from the streaming platform, there might be a chance for the K-pop group’s movie to sneak on, but it’s unlikely.

When does ‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ premiere?

The boys have already seen the movie and shared pictures of themselves watching. For most fans, Bring the Soul: The Movie premieres globally on August 7, 2019. Tickets became available for purchase earlier this summer, and some viewers already bought the iridescent pieces of paper. (Not all tickets look shiny and beautiful, still, fans are excited to see the upcoming flick.)

“Did Seokjin cry after watching Bring the Soul? SOS we’re going to bring a pack of tissues tomorrow,” said one Twitter user.

“I watched the film and I was very touched once again I realized how much they loved us,” said another Twitter user.

Mini spoiler: some army report that there’s a post-credits scene featuring Jungkook. Make sure to stay until the end to watch a cute, additional clip of the BTS member!

Bring the Soul: The Movie premieres in select theaters worldwide on August 7, 2019.