BTS: Jimin Reacts to His Surprise Birthday Song and ARMY Can’t Stop Thinking About It

Jimtober might be over, but ARMY is still celebrating Park Jimin’s birthday after BTS released a Bangtan Bomb on Nov. 15. In the short video, BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook secretly prepared to sing “Happy Birthday” in Arabic at the Saudi Arabia show. Now, in the new Bangtan Bomb, BTS fans get to see Jimin’s genuine reaction to his surprise birthday song in a backstage clip. And one thing’s for sure — no one can match Jimin’s friendship with Jungkook.

BTS prepared Jimin’s birthday surprise

Jimin’s birthday is on Oct. 13. However, BTS decided to hold a special celebration for the “Promise” crooner at their Speak Yourself: Love Yourself concert on Oct. 11. Then in the Nov. 15 Bangtan Bomb, ARMY finally figured out how Jimin’s birthday surprise all went down.

As the clip opens, Jimin is encased in a giant bubble and it quickly becomes clear the BTS member is rehearsing his performance of “Serendipity.” Fans get a brief glimpse of Jimin, dressed head-to-toe in black, dances to the solo song.

Meanwhile, the remaining BTS members are backstage, secretly rehearsing for Jimin’s birthday surprise. They each have script papers in hand and they practice singing “Happy Birthday” in Arabic.

J-Hope wonders if the members should sing the song in English so that Jimin understands. However, they continue on, recruiting the staff to teach them the correct pronunciation.

When Jimin’s “Serendipity” rehearsal ends, he comes in hot from practicing outdoors. And the rest of the Bangtan Boys try not to give anything away — except for maybe J-Hope who couldn’t help but smile.

What Jimin really thought about his birthday song

Later in the video, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, and ARMY sing “Happy Birthday” to Jimin at the Oct. 11 concert — something some BTS fans have already seen via fancams. Nevertheless, the Bangtan Bomb still showcased every moment in detail.

Jimin was initially stunned by the song. But once he realized what was going on, he instantly got excited and bounced across the stage with the biggest grin on his face.

Once things calmed down, Jimin expressed his happiness and gratitude towards his fellow BTS members and ARMY.

“Thank you, everyone. I forgot about my birthday. I’m really happy about this surprise celebration,” he said, according to a fan’s translation. “It makes me happy that I can be here with you and my members for my birthday. Thank you! I love you!”

After the show ended, Bangtan Bomb caught up with Jimin backstage to get his thoughts on the birthday song. And yes, he was definitely surprised, even pretending to mouth the words to the song out of sheer panic.

Jimin of boy band BTS attends the photocall for U Plus 5G 'The Fact Music Awards'
Jimin of BTS | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

“I didn’t know, I really didn’t know,” Jimin said as fireworks and “Mikrokosmos” sounded off in the background. “I thought, ‘I didn’t practice this song. I’ll be the only one who can’t sing the song.’ So I decided to lip-sync.”

Jimin also revealed he thought everyone was singing about the new year. But once he realized they were serenading “Happy Birthday,” Jimin gushed over ARMY.

“At that moment, I was so moved,” he said. “Who would’ve thought that we would be loved so far away from home? I was really happy. Today was so fun.”

And although the birthday celebration itself was a smash hit, Jimin said Jungkook’s joy amplified his own.

“I saw Jungkook and he looked so happy,” Jimin said. “So I got more excited after that.”

BTS fans react to the Bangtan Bomb about Jimin’s birthday surprise

Following the release of BTS’s Bangtan Bomb video, ARMY expressed their thoughts about Jimin’s birthday surprise. And they responded in kind.

BTS preparing jimin’s birthday song with staff when jimin was rehearsing serendipity,” one Twitter user wrote, alongside a crying emoji. “So touching.”

Another user wrote: “They really prepared jimin’s birthday song surprise while he was rehearsing serendipity, this is so touching, like they had to work on their pronunciation and even had a staff help them and they did ALL of that just to surprise him omg im a crying mess.”

Meanwhile, other ARMY pointed out that J-Hope’s face cannot lie.

“Members were practicing the HBD song in Arabic for Jimin secretly. Jimin came back he doesn’t know nothing. But Jhope’s face!!!! He can’t pretend,” a fan wrote.

Naturally, fans also gushed over Jimin’s surprised face when everyone began singing “Happy Birthday” to him.

“The cutest and funniest thing about jimin did not realize that they was sing birthday song in arabic and he starts mouthing the words with the rest of the members and his face is just: ‘WHY DO YOU ALL KNOW THE LYRICS EXCEPT ME,'” a fan explained on Twitter.

And of course, fans didn’t miss Jimin’s pure comments about Jungkook and the bond the two share.

“The fact that JUNGKOOK was happy bcs he was excited for JIMIN’s surprised birthday song whereas JIMIN was happy without even knowing why JK is happy bt he felt happiness just by watching JK happy speaks their strong bond,” one Twitter fan wrote. “Their emotions are so raw & deep for each other.”

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