BTS: Jimin and V, RM and Suga Have Sub-Unit Songs in ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ — So Get Ready to Ascend to the Heavens

The buzz surrounding the next BTS comeback for Map of the Soul: 7 is an honor to experience firsthand. The new album drops Friday, Feb. 21 at 4 a.m. EST. And in the days leading up to the event, ARMYs have been dominating worldwide trends, generating more excitement every time the South Korean band drops another teaser. Then on Thursday afternoon, Big Hit Entertainment unveiled song descriptions, including BTS sub-unit tracks for V and Jimin as well as RM and Suga, subsequently causing the internet to collapse.

BTS announces sub-unit songs for Jimin and V as well as RM and Suga

Bangtan Boys (BTS) attends 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon Photocall at Gocheok Sky Dome on December 25, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea.
BTS | THE FACT/Imazins via Getty Images

On Feb. 16, BTS announced the tracklist for Map of the Soul: 7 via the Big Hit Twitter account. The new album will feature a total of 20 tracks — or 19 tracks in the physical album — with 15 new songs. 

Four days later, Headline Planet revealed brief song descriptions for each of the tracks, including the lead single “ON.” But what caught everyone’s attention had the whole fandom off-guard in the best way possible.

According to the publication, the new BTS album will include two duets. Jimin and V will perform “Friends” and it’s about the two music artists “showcasing their friendship.” Meanwhile, “Respect” will be a “rap from RM and Suga.” 

BTS fans trend ‘Vmin’ for Jimin and V’s ‘Friends’ track

Following the announcement of the sub-unit tracks, it didn’t take long for BTS fans to send the internet ablaze. On Twitter, “Vmin” trended number one worldwide for V and Jimin’s “Friends.” 

VMin subunit is really happening,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “Soulmates VMin singing about friends, friendship, chingus, what did we do to deserve this.”

And of course, given the meaningful and supportive friendship between the ‘95 liners and former classmates, BTS fans were struck hard by the upcoming Jimin and V track.

“Friends is a vmin subunit showcasing their friendship over the years they’ve spent together, im so emotional right now,” a fan wrote. 

Friends, a Vmin subunit?” another fan tweeted. “This is absolutely the most devastating title track when u think about Vmin friendship I’m in tears.”

Meanwhile, a few ARMYs pointed out that the fandom previously theorized “Friends” would be a Jimin and V duet when the official tracklist was released. A user on Twitter wrote:

You know what is more devastating more than VMIN performing friends and talking about their friendship in it? It’s that literally the whole fandom when the tracklist came out predicted that it was a VMIN subunit without thinking about it twice, we knew it’s them, FRIENDS

BTS fans trend ‘Namgi’ for RM and Suga’s ‘Respect’

“Respect,” which will feature RM and Suga, also received plenty of love on the bird app. In response to the rap sub-unit, BTS fans effortlessly trended “Namgi” to the number eight spot worldwide.

“Im crying cus we have Namgi unit,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “Namgi started together and were the first roommates, they have seen it all from the very very beginning.”

Namgi are best friends,” another fan tweeted. “This year is their tenth year together spending their lives together making music changing the fvking world and do you know [this] is their biggest album [together].”

Meanwhile, other ARMYs got to work theorizing whether Suga and RM‘s “Respect” will be a new diss track or a song about their friendship.

“What if respect isn’t even a diss track,” a fan wrote. “What if namgi are talking about their love and respect for EACH OTHER.”

Respect by namgi can go two ways: a beautiful song about namgi’s friendship and their respect for each other or namgi are about to hurt someone’s pride and feelings.”

Regardless of what happens when Jimin and V’s “Friends” as well as RM and Suga’s “Respect” comes out on Feb. 21, we know the sub-unit tracks will hit BTS fans right in the feels. Now excuse us as we build a time machine out of our tears to transport ourselves directly to the Map of the Soul: 7 worldwide release. We’ll see you there.

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