BTS: Jin’s Weverse Comment Sparks Airport Safety and Etiquette Discussion Among ARMY

As any BTS fan will tell you, Jin is the king of Weverse commentary. The 27-year-old often roasts ARMY with fun remarks and dad jokes. But after BTS returned to Seoul at the Incheon International Airport, Jin playfully brought up the overwhelming crowds surrounding the septet upon arrival. And ultimately, Jin’s comments sparked an important discussion about airport safety and etiquette within the BTS community.

Jin responds to a fan on Weverse about BTS’s arrival at Incheon International Airport on Nov. 16

After a few days in Finland, BTS flew into Incheon International Airport on Nov. 16, according to a video posted by Newsen. The South Korean publication filmed the members — RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — as they were met with a swarm of fans waiting for their arrival. And as the seven men walked through the airport, they kept their bodyguards near to keep the staggering masses of trailing fans from getting too close.

A few hours after BTS safely arrived in Seoul on Nov. 16, a Weverse user called out the behavior displayed within their own community.

“I hope the people should keep being polite at airport. Even in today’s entry of BTS, there was an embarrassing thing,” the user wrote, according to a translation on Twitter. “As Tannies (BTS) are Superstars, I hope ARMY should be Superfans…. please keep order!”

Jin of BTS then agreed with the Weverse post. “Right, if you push it can hurt,” he wrote. “Seokjinie can be hurt.”

BTS fans discuss airport safety and etiquette after Jin’s comment

Jin of boy band BTS attends the photocall for U Plus 5G 'The Fact Music Awards'
Jin of BTS | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Despite the light tone in Jin’s post, many BTS fans pointed out the ongoing issue with K-pop idol airport culture. In the past, the members of BTS, along with other idol groups, have experienced fan mobs at the airport. Of course, this puts their safety at risk. And although it seems like more security has been added for certain groups, such as BTS, fans are still asking their peers to respect the privacy of their favorite idols. On Reddit, one fan wrote:

I cannot for the life of me understand how they allow people to get that close to them, or why it’s seen as acceptable in the first place. Yes I know there’s only so much that can be done in a public space, and security does a great job, but we’ve seen the footage. It’s ridiculous. I feel like I don’t see it happen nearly as much to western artists whereas it seems to happen to EVERY large idol group, hell even TXT is getting it. This acceptance of obsessive/possessive fan culture is out of hand.

Meanwhile, many BTS fans admired Jin for bringing up the topic the first place. However, most also believe the current airport culture should still be treated in a serious manner.

“He replied cutely because he can’t sound angry as a celebrity,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “I hope people take this seriously not just as a cute interaction with fans.”

“I do think that maybe they should address it more directly,” a Reddit fan wrote. “(Jin, as always, is being a sweetheart because this warrants a much harsher response) but even then, those doing it likely already know how invasive and disrespectful it is and do it anyway.”

BTS fans reminisce over the purple ribbon project

Jin’s comments about airport etiquette also reminded ARMY about the fan-organized Purple Ribbon Project. To participate in the project, fans would volunteer to tie purple ribbons together and hold the ribbon in a line, forming a clear walkway in an attempt to protect BTS from mobbing fans at the airport.

“They seem so much happier and less stressed during the purple ribbon airport trip,” a fan on Reddit wrote. “Wish it was like that for them all the time.”

Following BTS’s arrival at LAX in the summer of 2018, BTS fans successfully took part in the Purple Ribbon Project. And the members praised the gesture during an interview with Access. Jin even referred to ARMY as “angels.”

“At LAX, they got purple ribbons for security. So they put it all the way around us, through the airport and outside the airport [for security],” RM said. “They did it themselves. It’s really an amazing thing.”

There’s no denying the Purple Ribbon Project is a beautiful gesture created by the fans of BTS. But the truth is, ARMY shouldn’t need to organize resources to protect the K-group from mobbing fans. It’s not OK to violate anyone’s personal space. And the members of BTS — along with other idols — deserve the same respect.

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