BTS Mastermind Reveals 2 Moments When the Band Made Him Say ‘Wow’

BTS is the world’s biggest boy band at the moment, and it does not seem like their popularity is slowing down anytime soon. The K-pop group became known to the American public in 2017 and has since impressed both fans and non-fans with their amazing talent.

Many BTS supporters can recall some moments when BTS truly amazed them, but what would those “wow” moments be for Bang Si-Hyuk, the man behind the phenomenal band?

How BTS became popular

BTS | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

BTS debuted in the K-pop industry in 2013. They were formed by Bang Si-Hyuk, a producer and songwriter who had worked with numerous popular K-pop acts.

BTS was signed under Bang’s own company, Big Hit Entertainment, and their concept was to be a hero for the young generation — someone that can “lend them a shoulder to lean on, even without speaking a single word.”

When BTS came onto the scene, they were not very popular. Big Hit was a relatively small company in a saturated industry, so they lacked a lot of resources needed to get BTS through certain doors. However, BTS decided to stand out by sticking to their concept of being a voice for the youth and connecting with fans through several social media platforms.

In 2015, BTS had their first hit in South Korea, which quickly allowed for international success to come as well. They were recognized at the Billboard Music Award in 2017, and BTS’s popularity worldwide has exploded since then.

BTS currently has a net worth of between $45 and $60 million.

The moments when BTS really amazed their company’s CEO 

There’s no doubt that Bang Si-Hyuk is proud of BTS and he has seen them do all sorts of amazing things. However, in an interview with Variety, Bang revealed two specific times when they really made him say “wow.” 

The first moment was when BTS started to get mainstream success in both South Korea and abroad. Bang said: “‘Run,’ which was released in 2015, was positively received and I definitely noticed. We felt the need to test that reception and created ‘Fire’ — and with the release of ‘Fire,’ BTS received global attention.”

It was then that Bang realized how big BTS would become. “I told the members that I think they may have a shot at doing a global arena tour, and that I hoped they could become a group that was bigger than One Direction in their prime,” he shared.

The second “wow” moment for Bang came in 2017 when the name BTS started spreading like wildfire around the world. The group started a global tour and their presence was felt in many countries they visited.

“The shows in South America had explosive success and even the local news was covering BTS’ airport arrivals,” Bang recalled. “With that start, when BTS landed in the East Coast, people were curious about them, and by the time they reached the West Coast, even Hollywood stars were saying they needed to get BTS tickets.”

What’s next for BTS?

From mid-August to early September, BTS had been on a break. However, the group has since returned to work and are gearing up for more exciting projects.

First off, they will continue their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour in October with shows in Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

BTS was also recently spotted arriving at Incheon International Airport, though no one knows for sure what they went overseas for. Some fans believe that they were filming their show BTS: Bon Voyage while others believe that they — or, rather, J-Hope — was recording music in America.

There are also rumors that BTS will release new songs soon.