BTS’ Most Popular Album, According to Streams on Spotify

This K-Pop group earned their spot as one of the biggest boy bands in the music industry, raking in millions of streams on Spotify. But which is BTS’ most popular album? While some collections, like Map of the Soul: Persona, only include a handful of songs, others boast over 15 tracks for fans to stream. As a result, the “most popular albums” for this ranking is determined by the average number of streams per song off of their respective albums.

Of course, as any BTS fan will tell you, the number of streams earned by the group changes on a daily basis. Some songs, like “Lights,” raked in millions of streams almost overnight. As of Sept. 15, 2019, these are BTS’ most popular albums, according to the average number of plays per song on Spotify.

BTS | Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

‘Love Yourself: Answer’

Average number of plays per song: 84,124,427

BTS released this large chunk of music during 2018. The album is broken up into two discs and features over 25 songs, some previously released by the boy band. Some songs on this album include solo hits by the members of BTS, like Jungkook’s “Euphoria” and V’s “Singularity.”

Of course, hits of the group appear on this album, including “The Truth Untold,” “Idol,” “Airplane pt. 2,” and “I’m Fine.” The most popular song off of this album is “Fake Love,” with over 260 million plays on Spotify.

‘Map of the Soul: Persona’

Average number of plays per song: 84,619,632

As BTS’ most recently released album, Map of the Soul: Persona features many recent hits popularized by the boy band. That includes songs like “Boy With Luv,” featuring Halsey, which earned multiple nominations at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. The most popular song on this album is “Boy With Luv,” which received over 270 million plays on the streaming platform. During a press conference, some of the members discussed the meaning behind songs like “Home.”

“The moment we meet our ARMYs who know us and love us is like coming home and feeling all its warmth and comfort,” J-Hope said, according to NME. “The song talks about the ‘home’, which is where the fans are and where our hearts are, where we want to come back to when things are hard and we feel lonely. We get strength from the people who love us and wait for us, and we come back to them so that we can return their love with even greater love.”

‘Love Yourself: Tear’

Average number of plays per song: 87,176,067

While each BTS album has iconic songs, this album definitely holds a few favorites of the BTS army. The group performed songs like “Fake Love” and “Airplane pt. 2” on American talk shows like The Ellen Show. The most popular song off of Love Yourself: Tear is “Fake Love,” which currently has almost 270 million streams on Spotify.

‘Love Yourself: Her’

Average number of plays per song: 92,619,861

Coming in at the number one spot is BTS’ album, Love Yourself: Her, the songs earning over 90 million plays on average. While this is not the group’s oldest album, it is the oldest album on this list, originally released in 2017. The most popular song on this album is “DNA,” which currently has over 240 million plays on Spotify.

BTS albums, including their most recently released album Map of the Soul: Persona, are available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and most major music platforms.