BTS Confirms New Album, But Fans Think They’ve Been Clowned By Next Comeback Rumors

Fans are dying to get their hands on the new BTS album comeback. However, it’s about time we recognized this is BTS’s world and we’re just living in it. On Friday, Oct. 18, the K-pop group dropped a remix of their Ed Sheeran collaboration, “Make It Right,” featuring singer-songwriter Lauv. Following the track’s release, the BTS members — including RM, Jin, Suga- J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — confirmed they’re working on their follow-up to Map of the Soul: Persona. But, what does this mean for the next comeback, rumored to be in late 2019? BTS fans are starting to think a new album isn’t happening anytime soon.

BTS says they’re working on their new album right now

When speaking with iHeartRadio on Friday morning, the BTS members delved into their plans for the remainder of 2019. And it seems the boys are working on new content.

“We’re actually now in our studio,” RM revealed. “So we’re working on our next album.”

However, it doesn’t look like a comeback stage is coming within that time frame.

“We’re visiting L.A. [for Jingle Ball],” RM said. “We’re looking forward to it. It’s the biggest event we have until 2019 ends.”

ARMY predicts the next BTS comeback is coming in 2020

BTS attends the 2019 Billboard Music Awards
Members of BTS | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for dcp

Despite RM’s casual tone during the iHeartRadio interview, his comments about BTS’s new album sent ARMY into a frenzy.

“Namjoon saying BTS are in their studio working on their new album as if I’m not gonna freak out,” one fan expressed on Twitter.

Nevertheless, most members of ARMY remembered the numerous rumors circulating in regards to the BTS comeback, which claimed the new album would drop in late 2019. Now, after RM’s statement about the next BTS album, fans think the upcoming comeback will start sometime in early 2020.

“Joon saying that Jingle Ball is the biggest event they have between now and the end of 2019, and then saying that they’re currently in the studio recording their new album, has me feeling like we’re gonna be clowns yet again and that the comeback isn’t coming til next year,” a BTS fan admitted on Reddit.

Meanwhile, other fans predicted a January 2020 comeback. “Perhaps the January comeback is a thing,” a Reddit user offered. “At this point I’m fine with these little features they’ve been releasing; we’ve also got the finale concert and Jingle Ball to look forward to. The holidays are so hectic that I’m sure we won’t even notice.”

Some fans also wondered if BTS would make their comeback stage at the 2020 Grammys. But, it’s highly unlikely, as the award show typically only allows performances for nominated songs.

“In this case, if BTS gets the nom for [Map of the Soul: Persona], only songs from that album are possible,” a fan explained. They also noted that if BTS World receives a nomination, then the band could potentially perform tracks such as”Dream Glow,” “Brand New Day,” “All Night,” or “Heartbeat.”

Regardless, it seems most BTS fans are excited about the new album and potential comeback on the horizon.

“I’m glad we have a more definite timeline for MOTS 2! Some ppl might be disappointed w no 2nd comeback this year but what with year end award shows 2019 will be over before we know it,” a Twitter fan wrote. “Plus, [BTS] can take all the time they need to put out a Grammy-worthy album.”

Even if BTS doesn’t release a comeback album in 2019, it’s nice to hear confirmation from the boys themselves in regards to new music. But, if you’re worried, just remember that all good things take time. And for the most part, it seems ARMY is willing to wait for something great — no matter how long it takes.

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